Friday, December 9, 2011

Tears for the Duggar family morning. I also pray that God would protect and shield them from any negativity that this will inevitably bring. It never ceases to amaze me how cruel people can be. Michelle did not have a miscarriage in the sense that people are thinking. They did an ultra sound at 6 months and found no heart beat. Now she will have to have a forced/induced delivery.

I'm so thankful that I can cry and my Father knows what to do with these tears. He knows how to comfort her. He knows how to protect her. He already had a plan for that baby. I'm most thankful that Michelle Duggar knows that as well.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cause when you're dead, you're dead, but until then there's ice cream. ~The Mentalist.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An update on the hair.

I am def in the "oily stage" and I no likey. I'm washing everyday b/c of it. It's not a big deal tho. What is a big deal is that I was seeing flakes. That is not exceptable. Kristal does not have flakes in her hair. Ever. If that does not go away, I will have to go back to shampoo. But I will be buying something all natural. I am trying to give this a full month, I figure I haven't given it a full chance if I haven't done it for a month b/c I won't get out of the oily stage or see if my hair adjusts.

My husband is a rockstar. Plain and simple. He worked full time, and went to school full time for 2 years while still being an awesome husband and dad. Last night he did his last class of his bachelors degree. And I think he is going to graduate with honors. I could never do what he has done. Now we get 8 months off and then he starts on his Masters degree.

I did make the laundry detergent. Seems to be working fine and will last us forever. I also found a very similar recipe for dry detergent that I might try next time. And I found another bonus, the homemade stuff is better for the environment:) No phosphates.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Changing the name of my blog yet again. I guess I just feel like a blog should fit the blogger, and it wasn't fitting anymore.

An update on the hair:
Day 4: washed and rinsed. As I was getting ready for work I noticed up toward my crown it looked oily. This could be the start of the oily period that they talked about, or it could be that I didn't do a good job washing, yes I scrubbed but maybe I didn't dispense it well. We'll see. But, since I'd about die before I'd go out of the house w/ oily/dirty looking hair, I quickly baby powdered the crown.

Today, even tho it was oil-ish last night, I will probably still not wash it today. I'm thinking it's a pony tail or braid day!

And on to other such life. I've gotten into this wanting to escape groove the last few days. It started when I went to the store with all the kids the other day and they were wretched! At this age, they usually aren't. It caught me off guard and to be quite honest, pissed me off. I have been in the house a lot lately, with every one being sick on and off. I was so thankful to go to work last night, just to get out with out the kids and be around adults! I've been begging people to DO something with me, something fun, but no one can lately. Mostly because it's like the middle of the week and they all have to work in the morning. I have to teach, but I guess it's a little easier for me to get up and deal than it is for them.

My point is that this escapism is a shaky path for me. I tend to be all or nothing with everything in my life, and when I feel this way I usually end up not being present in my head even when I'm here in body. Hoping I get out of the house soon and relieve a little stress before I go off the deep end!