Friday, August 21, 2009

we're in!

Well, we've made it into the house, and hopefully tonight will be the very last load from the old house. I can not believe how much different this move has been than our others. In 13 years of marriage, we have moved plenty of times, but this has by far taken the longest, and been the hardest. We're on day 7 now I think. My poor husband is beat. The thing is, we have gone thru stuff and gone thru and gone thru. So it's not like we are hording. I don't get it.

The house is up for sale, and here's hoping. I have had dreams about people looking at it. It does need some work, but maybe one of those people who flip homes will buy it.

Anyhoo, just wanted to give you a quick update. We're here and things are moving along. So far the the kids are loving their new rooms. My family kept saying that Sis wouldn't sleep in her room alone, but she couldn't wait to get into bed and stayed there all night:)

Having a slight issue w/ the basement, but they are dealing w/ it, so I'm trying not to complain. It is something that should have been taken care of b4 we got into the house tho........but anyway.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

So, tomorrow is a big day for us. We sign the lease on our new house. After that we are gonna go paint the kids' rooms, and then move the beds over. Then Saturday is the real moving day. I will be w/o internet for a couple of days. (eegads!!)

I'll post pics when I can!! Thanx for all your congrats and well wishes on FB!! xoxo Kris

Saturday, August 8, 2009


MercyMe Tour Bus Involved In Fatal Accident

Early this morning in Lima Indiana a car struck their tour bus. 2 in the car didn't make it.

Following the accident, the band cancelled the sold out concert at 6 Flags that they were on their way to.

This is one of my FAVE Christian bands, and imho one of the all time best Christian bands ever. I'm sure you guys would know one of their songs, even if you don't listen to Christian music, they sing, I Can Only Imagine. I can't imagine the grief that they must be feeling, even tho it wasn't their fault.

Here is a link to article..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

new beginnings......

we have been in our house for 9 years. when we bought it, we were just about newly weds, and had 2 little boys, one of them a baby. it is a 2 bedroom house. then we had our baby girl. and we have still been in this 2 bedroom house for the last 6 years. with all 3 kids stuffed in one room.

and now, we have finally gotten a break! we are moving into a 3 bedroom house next friday:) the boys will still share a room, but i don't think they'd have it any other way. sis will finally have a girly room. we are going to paint it b4 we even move into the house. the boys' room we are painting gray, star wars gray. the house also has a full basement. we will have plenty of room to spread out and move around.

i can't tell you how much relief i feel. not sure what we are going to do w/ our current house yet. we obviously can't pay double payments, and we're not interested in renting it out either. pray for us, that we can get rid of it quickly.

Monday, August 3, 2009

totally off topic..

but we have had some pretty bad neighbors for the last few years. I would use the racial slur if you will of calling them rednecks. dirty, white trash. and i mean that in every sense of the word. when we got our chickens, all 6 of them. they decided to get 15, plus ducks, rabbits, and dogs.

they had so many people living in their house that we thought there were 2 families, in a house slightly larger than ours. we never did figure out the family dynamics of them. one of their kids tried to steal from one of our friends. another one of them, a 6 yo took a pocket knife to their house and pocked wholes all over their sons blankie. you just don't mess w/ a kids blankie. we have seen him w/ lighters and all sorts of stuff.

so, about a month ago, i found o/ from a different neighbor that one of them men living in that house is on the sex offender registry, apparently for being w/ an under age girl. altho when i looked, i didn't see a reason. somehow, i wasn't shocked, but i was pretty unhappy to say the least. i told what neighbors i thought should know. and started praying.

what get's me is what i kept hearing from other people. i kept hearing, "well, you know, it could have been a 'mad dad' thing." or, "you don't know how old he was". you know what? i don't really care. from everything i've seen o/o these people, including smoking pot in the front yard w/ a toddler at their feet, i don't care how old he was or if someones dad was just ticked off, what he did was ILLEGAL and why is everyone trying to make it seem ok to me??

and btw, thank GOD, they moved!!! now i just have to pray for better people to move into that house...