Friday, December 18, 2009

love love love this!!!!!!!!!!!!

read this on tye-dyeds blog:

Because we are too short, too tall, too thin, too small of foot, too old, too young, too wide, and our pelvises are too narrow, too small, too untried, or unproven or the wrong shape, and our uteruses are too scarred, or pointing the wrong way, or we are too multiparous, too fertile, too infertile, too female, too small, too big, too fat, too emotional, too detached, too strong, too weak, too intelligent, too well designed to birth, not designed well enough, and our vaginas are too scarred, too unproven, not stretchy enough or too stretchy, and we’re too inconvenient, too unpredictable, too demanding, too informed, too loud, too messy, and our bodies labour too long or not long enough, and our cervices don’t dilate 1cm an hour on command and because when you hire a surgeon you get surgery and hospitals are for sick people… and so for these and many other reasons, we are part of the homebirth movement.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Christmas and such!!

So, it's been too long. I think about posting all the time, and never take the time to do it.

1st, a Happy Birthday to my awesome friend Susan tomorrow!! Luv ya and hope to see you soon and celebrate together!!

This is gonna be a little bit of nothing post too. But, how do you like my little ticker?? isn't she cute?? That is totally me too, only not on skates, I'd be flat on my bum. not that coordinated. But I rock o/ to my mp3 player on the elliptical and am a pretty fast walker these days:) She'll change as my goals change, they are a little at a time you know?? I met the 1st one, and am on my way to the 2cd then will come another, and another till I get to my long term...

Hope your holidays are going well so far! I've been to 3 Christmas parties so far already. And have 3 to go I think. We're having Christmas w/ my mom and the inlaws here this year. Which is a 2cd, but I'm actually cooking. So we'll see..... I do feel good about taking the burden off of my mil after her health issues this past year. Let's just hope I do the food justice!

So, with that, Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Happy Turkey Day:)

Here's wishing you all a safe, happy and yummy Thanksgiving. Filled w/ good food, no work and good times:) We have much to be thankful for. Even thru all the crud, we have much to be thankful for.

What are your plans? Thursday morning, dull, rainy and early, I am doing my 1st marathon, we'll call it a walkathon, b/c this bum isn't doing anything that one could construe as running. 5k. How did I get myself into this you might ask? This is my reward for reaching my 1st goal. Some reward. No, it's a great gift. Something that will keep me working toward my next goal, and make me able to eat 1, maybe 2 pieces of pie latter in the day....

Thursday afternoon we'll be at my cousins w/ relatives on my moms side. My 82 yo grandpa who recently moved here from Alabama that I hardly know, so I'm looking forward to getting to know him some. Should be fun, the kids will see their cousins too.

And Saturday, we're off to dh's side of the fam. Lot's more people and further away, but much fun will be had:)

Hope you all enjoy your holidays!! xoxo

Saturday, November 21, 2009

..and a side order of breasts please?

I went shopping last night. I got an unexpected check in the mail and dh and I agreed that I should use it to get a couple more pieces of clothes. It's a hard call when you know you're going to eventually outgrow them again. But I think I made good choices. Got to go w/ my bff and we had a good time. So, now I have a couple cute pairs of jeans, 4 shirts, and 1 pair of dress pants that fit just right. It's kind of like shopping for maternity clothes, you know you're only going to be in this place for a temporary period.

Anyhoo, A couple of the shirts I tried on, made very plain the fact that at least 10 of the lbs I've lost, have come from my boobs. The shirts would be much cuter on someone who still had breasts. Ronnie said I need a wonder bra. I was never really well endowed, but now, it's just sad. really. I never thought I'd be one of those woman who bought the bras w/ the padding in them. Now, I'll be 1st in line! That is the next thing on the list, new bras, complete w/ whatever it takes to make me at least appear to have breasts again.

As we were leaving the store I noticed a cute sweater on a manikin. I told Ronnie, "now if I could just get that sweater, and those boobs."

Friday, November 13, 2009

I bought a new pair of jeans to day. For the 1st time in like, 2 years. It was so exciting. From what I can tell, they're 3 sizes smaller than my old jeans. Could be 4, but we'll go w/ 3. You know how weird sizing can be. And, they're a brand that caters to big girls, so they're made especially for my pair shaped self, who has most of my junk, in the trunk;0) ah, finally, a company that sees that most of america is plus sized... *sighs w/ contentment*

and in the doula chronicles, i ask for your help.
I need to write a tiny little statement about myself for a pamphlet that will set me apart from every other doula in the area. WHAT SHOULD I WRITE!? I was thinking about advertising the fact that I teach a Christian childbirth class. I dunno. But, it has to be short, tiny. Teensy weensy.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ok, something that sucks about loosing weight, not having clothes that fit! I have one shirt and one pair of pants that fit. That's it. Even my undies are loose. They don't count b/c ya can't see them. Thank God my bday and Christmas are coming up. Everyone who has asked me what I want, I tell them money, I need new clothes!

Yes, I know, this is a good problem to have. And at 1st, it was fun to have loose clothes. Something I've never had a problem w/, lol. But now, I just feel frumpy all the time. The one out fit that I do have is kind of dressy, so I don't wear it often. When I wore it recently one of my friends commented on how nice it looked. She said, "it looked like it fit. Everything I've seen you in recently has been so big on you."

It's so close to Christmas, and my bday. And both vehicles are in my name. Which is where all our extra money is going. I just don't have it in the budget to pick anything new up for myself you know? Plus, I'm still a plus sized girl, and plus sized clothes are more expensive. It's rough! I don't wanna complain, please understand. And, I know, I got myself into this mess. I will never blame my weight on anyone. I ate myself to where I am. But this is my blog, and I'm allowed to whine now and then right??

On the other hand, I can tell you something I am SUPER thankful for!! I was saving some money for a new pair of walking shoes. The pair I've been using I've had for 6 months now. And are just plane wore out! Anyhoo, I have this friend who is the master of knowledge of where the deals are. So I asked her where is the best place to get good shoes, GOOD shoes. She asked me what size I wore, we happen to wear the same size:) And she just bought a pair that are a little too loose. I tried them on and so for so good. Gonna wear them out of the house today. Hoping, if they work, I'll get to spend some of that on a pair of pants or somthin!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

little of this, little of that..

Something that took me by surprise in all this was how many people have said that I have inspired them to do something. B4 I made a decision to get healthy I was never inspired by people when I saw them loosing weight. I would tell them great job or whatever. But I never felt inspired. I felt guilty and crappy. I knew I should be doing something about myself and I wasn't. I've met a couple people like that, I can see it their eyes. I know b/c I've been there. But like I said, it's something that has to happen in a persons own heart.

And for today, a little snippet of something else I love....Monday night I was called in to labor w/ a most awesome mama :0) who birthed a most adorable 7lb 15oz little man Tuesday morning...more of her story coming soon:)

Friday, October 30, 2009

my weightloss journey...

I didn't talk about it for awhile Probably the 1st month. I emailed my friend. And walked w/ my partner, and of course, there was the dh. But I didn't really mention it to any one else. I have failed at this so many times b4. Why talk about it to any one this time?? What if this time isn't different?? I had to go back to the doc for a check up or some thing in 2 weeks, and of course, they want to weigh you, and I had lost 4 lbs. I was impressed. Then I had to go back again in 2 weeks, and I had lost 8 lbs. I was really impressed. 12 lbs!? When was the last time I had done that?? Probly when I was pregnant and puking, lol!

I figured I was on the right track w/ what I was doing. It was at that point that I had no more doc appts, and just asked if I could come back and get weighed. They were more than happy to oblige me.

A little more on the water. Yes, I do go more often than most people. But, it's a good thing, b/c your body has a lot of toxins in it. Drinking water flushes them out. I like to think about that when I go, I'm getting bad stuff o/o my body. Also, dehydration causes headaches, getting more water can get rid of some of those. I know that sometimes in my own kids when they complain of headaches, the 1st thing I do is ask them how much they've drank that day. I do get tired of water. It's then that I drink more of my own little concoction. I'ts just green tea w/ lemon. I sweeten it w/ stevia. But it's calorie free, caffeine free, so it won't dehydrate me, and it's still doing the same thing water was. Also, you can just pop in those little crystal light things into your bottles of water if you like. I try to stay away from aspartame and that though. (altho not always, i am still slightly addicted to diet dr. pepper, but that's a whole other post....)

And ya, sometimes 1500 calories a day just sucks. But I look at what I want my end result to be. And I can't get that any other way. Yes, I screw up sometimes. And in the beginning I beat myself up bad about it. I was so sure that b/c of the one time I ate a little too much, or went o/ to dinner the next time I got weighed I wasn't going to have lost anything. Which of course wasn't the case. If you screw up, you move on to the next day. Or the afternoon, or the evening.

At least that's what I do, on my journey....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

more of my journey..

As I said, that day I went home and was feeling rather introspective. I started thinking about how I wanted to do this. What I had heard other people say they had done to loose weight. What I thought would be doable for me.

I had one friend who had said he had lost about 40 lbs just by drinking a LOT of water. I figured, how hard could drinking water be? I knew it was good for you, I'd start there. I drink about 64 oz of water a day. And when I don't, I don't feel right. My skin looks great also:) I get less headaches, all around, water is my friend. Yes, I peed ALOT at 1st, but people kept saying, hang in there, it'll get better after a week or so, and it did.

Walking. I knew I needed to start walking. It just so happened that I lived 2 blocks from a great park. So, the kids could play, I could walk around the park, like laps. I'm not sure how I got my walking partner, but I'm SO thankful I had her for as long as I did. We walked EVERYDAY for probably 2 months. Then we moved and school started and I lost her, boo:( But by that time I was/am much more disciplined in myself to do it on my own. Altho, I still have days, that I get depressed and sad if I don't have someone to go w/ me, so I don't go. (I can't believe how honest I am w/ you guys!) I had a pedometer, and figured o/ how many times around the park was a mile and then we added to it once a month till we were up to 2 miles. Which, I gotta tell ya, sucked in the summer time!

Then I added the counting calories. I asked my friend how many I could have and loose weight. She said she ate 1500 calories a day. I thought that sounded strict, I was thinking more like 1800-2000. But w/ in 2 weeks, I was down to 1500, and I hardly even realized it. She hooked me up w/ and I started plugging my numbers in there. I could also look up foods I didn't know on there. I set my 1st There's tons of cool stuff on there. I'm not so dependant on it now. But it was very helpful in the beginning. I do find myself going back when I feel like I've been lazy and am eating too much or something tho.

I know there are different ways, but like I said, this is
my journey..and what has worked for me...and that goal that I mentioned?? was 60 lbs by Christmas. I passed that goal a week ago=0)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

my journey..

I haven't written about this on here at all, tho most of you are FBer's and know anyway. But I've been on a journey for a while now. I think I'd like to start at the beginning.

I went to the dr. on April 29th for some stuff. A whole bunch of stuff, lol. I had a BIG list! Nothing serious, just things that I had been wanting to talk to her about. But you know, the dreaded scale was coming. And when I saw the number, it was shocking, even to me. We don't have a scale here, thankfully. And something just clicked in me. I just told myself, I have to do something about this. I have to change now.

I talked to the dr. about it a little bit, but I didn't really want to talk to her, or anyone else at that time. I was feeling introspective.

That's when it all started for me. April 29th. Something inside me changed. I had a dr. ask me what inspired me to do it now? He thought my kids, or my husband. I said, no. It was just something in me. It has to happen inside a persons own heart, inside their own self. Otherwise, at least for me, it's not going to work, or it's going to be temporary.

That's the beginning. I have much to tell. I'll write a little at a time. The other day I called another friend who has recently lost over 100 lbs, I needed encouragement. She said it's a journey. I really like that. Journeys take time, they have hills and valleys and adventures:) This is definitely my journey.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

our weekend...

This weekend we had family come in from o/o town and we celebrated lot's of occasions! Dh's 2 brothers and niece came in, 1 from Ohio and 1 from New York. We celebrated his parents 40th wedding anniversary, his nieces and dh's bdays, and his dads retirement. We took them o/o to eat at The Blue Gate Restaurant in Shipshewana, Indiana. It was too yummy, walked around to a few shops, took lot's of pics and had a great time.

The funny thing was that, We went all the way to Shipshewana, to buy Webkins! My kids are SO into them. They only have a couple, but they LOVE them. (in case you haven't been subjected to them yet, they're little stuffed animals that you get a code to register and play w/ online. so you also get an only animal, it's great fun) I will admit, that I like them too. I sometimes late at night, get onto Sis' account and play games to earn her Kins cash (shshshs don't tell!) They're cute, they're fun, and it's a safe place online that my kids can play. I don't let them accept friend request from people that they don't know, and I check their accounts. Their cousins have them, so they can play w/ them, and their friends have them. Anyhoo, we were leaving this shop, and I see a big Webkins sign, I go over and look, and there is a half price box on the floor! How could I not!? Sis' was only $4.75! They are thrilled. The only thing is.... I have to share my computer....:( ha!

Here's a few pics..
Amish country...

a little family fun in the restaurant....

anyone guess who i took this pic for??

and last but not least, nanny, papa, the grandkids, and their webkins:)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

the doula chronicles....

i now have 2 clients:) 1 that is due the 1st week of nov, and one that is newly pregnant:) yippy!! funny thinking about total end of the spectrum's here you know?? one coming o/o her pregnancy and about to give birth, and one just barely done conceiving...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The other day Sis apparently wasn't getting "fed" quick enough, decides to take matters into her own hands. She opens the half empty/full pantry and in full drama says, "If you love someone, how can you let them starve!?"

Because, you know, she's wasting away right?? These kids, I tell ya, she could eat night and day. Zac, who is 10, and just started taking ADD meds, has lost 6 lbs in 2 months. As a result of decreased appetite from the meds. And Zai, he would eat about every 10 minutes if I'd let him too. In spite of all I do to teach them healthy eating habits....they at least prove to me they know what foods are healthy. I think Zac has leveled out now. And I am learning how to entice him w/ things he really likes. And, I know, it only get's worse from here right?? As they get older and bigger and eat more.....eyeyeye!

Monday, October 19, 2009

it's 8:35. 2 of my kids brought me breakfast in bed. it was glorious. apple cinnamon oatmeal. i ate in the dark, nice since i woke up at about 4 this morning w/ a pounding head. haven't really had a headache in a couple of weeks, this one surprised me. so i sat in the dark and ate my oatmeal:)

now the rest of the day is upon me, and my hyper 10 yo is up being hyper and causing!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

my bff called me this morning, wanted to know if i was vibrating. she's so funny;)
(vibrating, as in the phone is on vibrate while it's in my bra--ha!! latter i went, 'they will get that won't they??')

Friday, October 16, 2009


To lighten the mood a bit, a friend of mine posted this on FB this morning and I think it's fricken hilarious and priceless....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I HATE cancer.
Cancer, you are like
the devil, you
come to steal, kill
and destroy. And for
some, they are not
strong enough to hold
you off anymore.
Their tired
little bodies are almost
done in this world.
The cannot fight the
war much longer.

They will leave a void.
It will hurt so bad.
You will cause so much

I will always fight you,
cancer. I will always remember
the ones you take.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Think my bodies trying to tell me something??? I was dreaming of peanut butter last night/early this morning. In my dream, I was reading the nutritional qualities and all about it's protein and iron. Then I was telling someone how I was going to have peanut butter bread for breakfast!

Me thinks my
subconscious thinks I'm low on iron and thoughtful of myself! tihi!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All is well. Our house is great:) The kids just love it. Sis loves having her own room and is driving me crazy w/ the way she keeps rearranging it. Someone said to me, "that's b/c she can. she's never had her own space b4!" So, I try to let her be. But every time I get it looking really cute, she moves it around...ah well, as long as it's fairly clean, I try not to complain. Since we have the space, and a place for him to go now, we've started letting our oldest, who is 10 stay up a little latter than the rest of the kids. He is thrilled, Sis, is less than understanding.

Fall is here. I bought some mums for the 1st time and they're just gorgeous. I never really like mums b4, but for some reason this year, they looked so pretty:0)

I have a doula client due at the beginning of November so I'm officially on call. I kept not hearing my phone tho, so I started sticking it on vibrate in my bra(!) I know, I know, joke all you want....but now I know when it rings.

Tonight dh and I are off to a banquet for the PCC. Looking forward to it, get to see lot's of friends, and be alone together woohoo!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

doulas, doulas every where!!

It seems lately every where I go I'm meeting doulas! I met one at the dentist office the other day, in the last 2 weeks I've been to 2 doula meetings, and missed 2. I met a new midwife last month who told me she had started a volunteer doula program at a local hospital. (said local hospital shut it down.) One recent meeting I was at referred to another doula group in a nearby city. All of a sudden they are popping up all over the place!

That said, I have come to see just as there are many different kinds of women and different kinds of birth, there are different kinds of doulas. There are the doulas who are take charge and in your face, and some women need that. And there are doulas who are calm, quiet and reassuring. There are some that are a bit of both. (If you're on FB you could take a quiz to find out what kind of doula you are!)

That said, there are also doulas that feel they have to push their beliefs on women. It's such a turn off. As a doula, I believe I should offer choices, not beliefs. I believe I should make sure moms know what their options are, not push my agenda on them. Whatever she chooses, becomes the choice that I support in her birth.

Am I pro natural childbirth?
Do I think natural childbirth is for every woman?
As a doula can I support a woman in labor who chooses an epidural, just as well as one who goes w/o?
Do women who get epidurals need the support of a doula in labor?
Yes. You typically don't get the epidural as soon as you walk in the door. And doula support is more than just physical.

Well, I hadn't intended on that little question and answer, but it was fun, we should do it again! Give me some questions, I'll give you some answers:)

Friday, August 21, 2009

we're in!

Well, we've made it into the house, and hopefully tonight will be the very last load from the old house. I can not believe how much different this move has been than our others. In 13 years of marriage, we have moved plenty of times, but this has by far taken the longest, and been the hardest. We're on day 7 now I think. My poor husband is beat. The thing is, we have gone thru stuff and gone thru and gone thru. So it's not like we are hording. I don't get it.

The house is up for sale, and here's hoping. I have had dreams about people looking at it. It does need some work, but maybe one of those people who flip homes will buy it.

Anyhoo, just wanted to give you a quick update. We're here and things are moving along. So far the the kids are loving their new rooms. My family kept saying that Sis wouldn't sleep in her room alone, but she couldn't wait to get into bed and stayed there all night:)

Having a slight issue w/ the basement, but they are dealing w/ it, so I'm trying not to complain. It is something that should have been taken care of b4 we got into the house tho........but anyway.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

So, tomorrow is a big day for us. We sign the lease on our new house. After that we are gonna go paint the kids' rooms, and then move the beds over. Then Saturday is the real moving day. I will be w/o internet for a couple of days. (eegads!!)

I'll post pics when I can!! Thanx for all your congrats and well wishes on FB!! xoxo Kris

Saturday, August 8, 2009


MercyMe Tour Bus Involved In Fatal Accident

Early this morning in Lima Indiana a car struck their tour bus. 2 in the car didn't make it.

Following the accident, the band cancelled the sold out concert at 6 Flags that they were on their way to.

This is one of my FAVE Christian bands, and imho one of the all time best Christian bands ever. I'm sure you guys would know one of their songs, even if you don't listen to Christian music, they sing, I Can Only Imagine. I can't imagine the grief that they must be feeling, even tho it wasn't their fault.

Here is a link to article..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

new beginnings......

we have been in our house for 9 years. when we bought it, we were just about newly weds, and had 2 little boys, one of them a baby. it is a 2 bedroom house. then we had our baby girl. and we have still been in this 2 bedroom house for the last 6 years. with all 3 kids stuffed in one room.

and now, we have finally gotten a break! we are moving into a 3 bedroom house next friday:) the boys will still share a room, but i don't think they'd have it any other way. sis will finally have a girly room. we are going to paint it b4 we even move into the house. the boys' room we are painting gray, star wars gray. the house also has a full basement. we will have plenty of room to spread out and move around.

i can't tell you how much relief i feel. not sure what we are going to do w/ our current house yet. we obviously can't pay double payments, and we're not interested in renting it out either. pray for us, that we can get rid of it quickly.

Monday, August 3, 2009

totally off topic..

but we have had some pretty bad neighbors for the last few years. I would use the racial slur if you will of calling them rednecks. dirty, white trash. and i mean that in every sense of the word. when we got our chickens, all 6 of them. they decided to get 15, plus ducks, rabbits, and dogs.

they had so many people living in their house that we thought there were 2 families, in a house slightly larger than ours. we never did figure out the family dynamics of them. one of their kids tried to steal from one of our friends. another one of them, a 6 yo took a pocket knife to their house and pocked wholes all over their sons blankie. you just don't mess w/ a kids blankie. we have seen him w/ lighters and all sorts of stuff.

so, about a month ago, i found o/ from a different neighbor that one of them men living in that house is on the sex offender registry, apparently for being w/ an under age girl. altho when i looked, i didn't see a reason. somehow, i wasn't shocked, but i was pretty unhappy to say the least. i told what neighbors i thought should know. and started praying.

what get's me is what i kept hearing from other people. i kept hearing, "well, you know, it could have been a 'mad dad' thing." or, "you don't know how old he was". you know what? i don't really care. from everything i've seen o/o these people, including smoking pot in the front yard w/ a toddler at their feet, i don't care how old he was or if someones dad was just ticked off, what he did was ILLEGAL and why is everyone trying to make it seem ok to me??

and btw, thank GOD, they moved!!! now i just have to pray for better people to move into that house...

Friday, July 31, 2009

What shall I do w/ myself??

So, my husband and kids are going camping for the night. They're not roughing it too much though. They're going up to the cottage, but sleeping in a tent and cooking on an open fire. Some of his family is up there, including his parents, who said they want to make them pancakes in the morning. So sweet :) (and so spoiled!)

Ronnie and I are doing a lite dinner and sshopping :) And being sneaky, mooahh!! Gotta make cupcakes and get things ready for Zacs surprise 10th bday party while they're gone. I also have a very early Saturday morning thing that I need sleep for. Which is the original reason I didn't go, the sneakiness was a convenient after thought :)

I'll post pics after the party!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Danger! Danger Will Robinson!!!!

This is disturbing in so many ways... I can't even begin to deal w/ all of them. It's bad enough that most students and doctors never see natural births, but this could mean them never seeing LIVE births. Till the get to YOU?? Who knows. I know, I could be exaggerating....I could be...but this is the present right here...ugh, this makes me sick.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Relay for Life 2009...

We had the best time at Relay for Life this year. I even got my husband hooked.
We are both convinced we are going to be part of a team next year. B/c I came in at the last minute this year I wasn't able to be on a team. I kind of hooked up w/ one and put my sponsorship money w/ theirs but I wasn't really a part of their team. Here are some pics I took...
This is a group of Survivors. The survivors wore purple shirts, and had chain links of how many years they had survived and had colors that represented different things.

The Survivors did the 1st lap to start the Relay..

This is the King and Queen, aren't they adorable?

Then she put her crown on Sis:)

This is one of the kids' favorite people. She was all of their Sunday School teacher when they were younger. Sis just graduated o/o her class, I cried. Her family has had a team every year for years, wish I'd known sooner:)

My FAVE shirts!!! They had a team called BOWLING FOR BOOBIES! I never got a pic of the front, but it had 2 bowling balls, heehee...

Me and Scott home after walking for 2 hours..we don't look too bad do we?? We came home for a little while b/c the kids needed a break. (just the kids...ha ha)

The kids all got glow sticks as the sun went down. I had no idea it was so fair like. We walked all night, but there were games and so much stuff there to raise more money and have fun. It was great to be together as a family all day too.

Setting up for the luminaria (sp?) You can buy a bag and decorate it in honor of a loved on you've lost. They line them, put sand in the bottom and put a candle inside.

I was playing w/ my camera to try to get a good pic of them after the sun went down w/o a flash....I didn't do too was actually much darker than this, and this is no flash, it was a different setting, I don't even know what I did.

Scott hanging out at the end of the night....

The thing I liked the most about this night was at the Survivors ceremony one of the woman that spoke she talked about carrying the torch for another. She gave practical examples that people did for her when she was fighting her battle. The whole day was so touching and it felt great to be a part of it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I don't get it.

So this kid Jamie Waylett of the Harry Potter movies was arrested after the car he was riding in was searched and found to have 8 bags of cannibis in it and then taken to court for growing marijauna plants in his apartment, THAT HE LIVES IN WITH HIS MOTHER!!

His lawyer "pleaded w/ the judge not to send him to jail for the sake of his career!!!" Here's the clincher for me..... in 2006, he was accused of snorting cocaine!!

And guess what!? The judge is just spineless enough to let him off w/ community service.

Here is the rest of the story:

District Judge Timothy Workman sentenced him to 120 hours of community service during a 15-minute hearing at City of Westminster Magistrates Court.

Judge Workman said: “Mr Waylett I accept that the cultivation of this cannabis was on a small scale, and this was not in any way a commercial venture on your part. Nevertheless you used a sophisticated growing system to do so.

“I give you credit for pleading guilty at the earliest opportunity, your co-operation with police and the fact that you are, until now, a man of good character.

“I propose to deal with this by imposing a sentence of 120 hours of unpaid work.”

What!? A man of good character!? Are we talking about the same kid here!? The one who was snorting cocaine a coupla years ago and who had 8 bags of pot in his car!? And who was GROWING IT in his APARTMENT!? I think maybe the judge was smoking some of it before he read this ruling!

That's funny right? But the part that's not funny is that this kid is on a slippery slope to Brittany-ville, or some other freaky sad celebrity whose parents don't care enough about them to get them help and the judges they go before don't give them real sentences because they're celebrities.

If this kid wasn't an actor his butt would be in jail right now. If he worked at a pizza joint, the judge wouldn't have been polite and said "you are until now a man of good character." Gimme a friggen break! A man of good character isn't someone who is accused of snorting cocaine 3 years ago.

This judge had an opportunity to change this boys life for the better and he didn't do it. He could have given him some kind of rehab or some other positive something or other place that he could have gone to, to get this guy the help he needs that he is not going to get in community service. It's only a matter of time before we see him and his weepy mother in headlines again b/c her little boy isn't making her any money any more, b/c now he really screwed up.

So sad.

For more on this story, go HERE and HERE. With thanx to Rosy from Accidental Sexiness for the story:)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Relay for Life

As a last minute thing I am walking in the Relay for Life this weekend. I knew I wanted to do it, but didn't know it was this weekend. I don't feel like it was very well publicised. I had hardly heard about it. I know in the years past it was all over the place. This year some friends said that there was hardly any interest in the booth they were doing. That is so sad. I know that the economy is bad, and it's hard to ask for money, but I still don't mind doing the asking once in a while:D As a last minute plea, I'm out there begging for it!! I've gotten 4 sponsors so for:) Like I told 1 friend, I figure, whatever money I show up w/ is more than what they had b4 I got there:) You know what I mean though, having only a weeks notice, I won't get much, but every dollar counts!! And thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Saturday Song.....

I am completely in love w/ her. I discovered her on Regis and Kelly or something. She sang this song too. (originally made by bob dylan) I listen to this song over and over again. My kids haven't cringed yet tho... I only have this album, but I do luv it:)

Ok, so I just got a little curious and listened to a few of the other versions on youtube. I've decided I like just about everyones but Dylans(!) I don't love Kelly Clarcksons either. I like Adeles the best, and Billy Joel doesn't do a bad job...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kid Bits..

Sis says to me just now...

"Mom, my life would be a lot easier if Adam and Eve hadn't ever sinned!!"

Can I get an amen to that!?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a doula day..

Next month I have a great opportunity. There is going to be this small fair in Niles. I am going to be kind of co-sponsoring a booth at it. I will be there w/ the nonprofit that I volunteer for, but I also get to advertise myself as a doula. I'm excited:)

I go back and forth. I don't do many births. There are times when I talk to other doulas and think, man, I wish I could get that many! But then, realistically, it wouldn't work for my family. I am not prepared to pay a baby sitter right now. And my kids are not prepared to spend the day w/ one. In a conversation w/ my daughter recently I asked her when she was going to stop sucking her thumb, she remarked that she had tried to stop, but then we had all those days at the baby sitters...we recently had some days at the sitters b/c dh's mom had to spend some time in the hospital.

I am a stay at home mom for a reason, b/c I feel I was called here. I also feel I was called to be a doula. And, if I go way back to the beginning, I can remember sitting in a church service and the Lord telling me that He would bring me the clients He wanted me to have. So, maybe I won't be a money making doula, which, let's face it, who is in it for the money?? And maybe I won't be a high number clientele doula, which, I couldn't handle anyway.. but, I'll keep doing what I'm doing. And I'll have the clients that I'm supposed to have, and the timing will be right for all of them.

But if I come across an opportunity to advertise, I'll do it! B/c who says God can't bring me someone that way?!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

ho hum.

Probably not a good time to write a blog post b/c I'm very tired, have pms, am slightly grumpy and lonely. My husband has deserted my for the greener grasses of the Buckeyes. I just realized I don't even know where he is in Ohio. Sad isn't it?? He is at a campmeeting for a week. We have a few little surprises planned for the kids, b/c they've never been away from him for this long, neither have I tho, not since we've been married. The kids have been bickering like crazy today. I'm worn out. As soon as they go to bed, I'm going too. One of them wants to sleep w/ me, I know it would be sweet, but I don't want to. I want to be alone. Maybe another night.

Friday, July 10, 2009

the end...

Ok ladies, thank you for indulging my obsession:) This is the last, for a while at least, maybe till next year..

Last year, I read every thing I could get my eyes on about the concert. I knew every song they were going to sing. This year, I stayed away from the spoilers as much as possible. I happened upon a couple of things here and there, but was content to be suprised. I had read that at some point in the show they came o/ on individual stages, but had completely forgot. Then the lights went down, we saw them jump down into the audience and I saw this opening. I didn't know where they were, but I saw my chance. I went down there and stuck my arm thru a window between a little girl and a woman w/ a very large chest and just started shooting!! Like I said, at this point, I didn't know what was happening. I thought if they are going to run by here, I'm gonna get a pic.

Music and lights come back and I see Danny, WHO HAPPENS TO BE MY FAVORITE(!) in front of me!! I try to get some good pics, but he has his back turned a lot, I took this video and then I realize Donnie is coming over, RONNIE'S FAVE(!) so I took some of him, but you see the inner struggle that ensues here:D anyway, I was thrilled w/ this! It's not the best video, I was enjoying watching, not videoing, but for those of you who don't know, Danny is on the right, and Donnie is the one who climbs the pole..) The funny thing is that I thought Ronnie was right behind me, but when I went back to my seat, she had never left. I really just saw the chance and took off, wedged myself between the small one and the large chested one and went for it!

Friday, July 3, 2009

just piccies this time, and happy 4th!!!

I got tired of playing, or rather fighting w/ wmm. so here are some pics:)
This is us waiting to get into the actual venue. This is Ronnie, and 2 great new friends we met b4 hand while we were stalking, come to find out, they just live about 45 minutes from us, so we plan to get together really soon:) and me.
Us in the venue, still waiting...
Coupla concert pics. This one shows how far back we were. Try as I might, I cannot get good seats. I actually had the money this time, I call as soon as the ticket line opens, but I still ended up w/ these seats. I know, people say wait and buy them right b4 the show, close seats open up and sure enough one of the girls we were w/ called and 5th row opened up. But how do you plan on going to a concert w/ no tickets till the day b4 the show?? That is scary. I did just find o/ about this blog that has like some kind of thing that let's you buy early, so hopefully next year....
Jon and Joe(?) Singing a medley of my all time fave NKOTB song Didn't I Blow Your Mind
Us singing I'll Be Lovin' You Forever..
That's all for now, I wish you all a safe and happy 4th of July tomorrow!!! We're going to watch our local fireworks at the airport tonight, should be fun! (not as much fun as an nkotb concert in chicago, but such is life....)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

next stop, tinley park!!

The night that we got to Tinley Park we really didn't have much to do, so we went wandering around. It's a nice place, but it's not like downtown Chicago. We decided we'd go hunt down the amphitheater so we would know where we were going the next day.

And, last year, when we met Donnie, we went early to the arena, found the buses, and he came out and signed autographs. So, we also wanted to see if we'd be able to see where the buses would be, you know, do a little stalking:)

Unfortunately for us, they were completely unaccesable this time around. But we still had a great time, as you can see:)

This pic and this video needs a little explaining. Ronnie says she's special b/c she is the star of all the videos since I'm the movie maker!! And you see, all of our boys are from Boston:) So....

Thanx for visiting me on my new blog, it's been immensly fun blogging again and hearing from your, and extremly frustrating trying to figure out windows movie maker, which is the only thing I have that will format them so I can upload them anywhere:) anyone want to come give me lessons??? more l8tr!!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Here's a little more..this is the back of my shirt.

And heeeere, is the sweet ride that we took:) we had to kick Ronnies dad o/ so we could take the pic. Her mom said, "get o/ they don't want any men in the pic. I said, "well, I wouldn't say that.."

The next stop, I believe will be Tinley park, village of Chicago;)

here i am again...

On my own, goin' down the only road I've ever known.... oh wait, no. Sorry....

I can't believe I am back on blogger. It was such a pain in my bum. But to be honest, it has way more options than wordpress. Wordpress is prettier, and in some ways simpler, but blogger has more options, and it's easier to use. I can't even upload a video over there w/o paying for it?? No way. So here I am again. You like the name?? I like it much better, it's more me.

And for my 1st post here, I wanted to show you a little of the fun we had on our little road trip to Chicago. But I have to back up and give you a little back ground....

I thought I'd start from the beginning.... Ronnie and I went to Chicago to see our boys in concert this past weekend and had a blast!! We didn't get to meet any of them like last time, but we had a great time just hanging out and being girls anyway...
but like I said, we gotta back up....
Part of this is just silliness, but that's what makes it so much fun. And some of it you won't get, and I don't even care! BUT, here are some little talky blogs, or vlogs or w/e you wanna call 'em!! but let me explain a little bit....
on twitter, one of the new kids calls the fans soldiers, and started giving away free tickets and stuff, he also said to get creative and let him know you were a soldier and a fan on twitter, and no big this is us, making our shirts.....ok, well, this is ronnie making her shirt, and me recording and laughing @ her....heehee....

well, i had another one, but i am still learning windows movie maker program and for some reason it keeps saving that movie over and over. so, as soon as i figure it out, i'll load a bunch more of these, cuz i kind of went nutz w/ my little digital and like i said, we had FUN!!