Saturday, August 8, 2009


MercyMe Tour Bus Involved In Fatal Accident

Early this morning in Lima Indiana a car struck their tour bus. 2 in the car didn't make it.

Following the accident, the band cancelled the sold out concert at 6 Flags that they were on their way to.

This is one of my FAVE Christian bands, and imho one of the all time best Christian bands ever. I'm sure you guys would know one of their songs, even if you don't listen to Christian music, they sing, I Can Only Imagine. I can't imagine the grief that they must be feeling, even tho it wasn't their fault.

Here is a link to article..


  1. What a tragedy. :(

    You should get "Book of Kells" by Iona. They are a Christian band too, from the UK. Actually I think they broke up in the 90's, but the bass player from Kajagoogoo was in Iona and I was always a fan of his. It's an excellent CD. I used to listen to it over and over and over while commuting from Marin to SF in '95. "Revelation" & "Chi Rho" are two of my fave songs by them. It's very ethereal and the woman's voice is freakin amazing. Brian even liked Revelation. lol

  2. thanx, i'll have to check them out:)