Monday, August 3, 2009

totally off topic..

but we have had some pretty bad neighbors for the last few years. I would use the racial slur if you will of calling them rednecks. dirty, white trash. and i mean that in every sense of the word. when we got our chickens, all 6 of them. they decided to get 15, plus ducks, rabbits, and dogs.

they had so many people living in their house that we thought there were 2 families, in a house slightly larger than ours. we never did figure out the family dynamics of them. one of their kids tried to steal from one of our friends. another one of them, a 6 yo took a pocket knife to their house and pocked wholes all over their sons blankie. you just don't mess w/ a kids blankie. we have seen him w/ lighters and all sorts of stuff.

so, about a month ago, i found o/ from a different neighbor that one of them men living in that house is on the sex offender registry, apparently for being w/ an under age girl. altho when i looked, i didn't see a reason. somehow, i wasn't shocked, but i was pretty unhappy to say the least. i told what neighbors i thought should know. and started praying.

what get's me is what i kept hearing from other people. i kept hearing, "well, you know, it could have been a 'mad dad' thing." or, "you don't know how old he was". you know what? i don't really care. from everything i've seen o/o these people, including smoking pot in the front yard w/ a toddler at their feet, i don't care how old he was or if someones dad was just ticked off, what he did was ILLEGAL and why is everyone trying to make it seem ok to me??

and btw, thank GOD, they moved!!! now i just have to pray for better people to move into that house...


  1. I hope you get fabulous new neighbors! I pray that those kids in that household will rise above their upbringing...
    I'm kinda chuckling at the petting zoo they had though.

  2. i hope we get good neighbors too. but i am also hoping not to live here much longer if ya know what i mean;)

    we pray for the kids too. and we made an effort w/ them too. it's very sad.

  3. That sucks. There's a family down the street from us that's like that too. Their yard is absolutely disgusting. A junk heap. You can see into the house and there's just crap stacked everywhere. It must be filthy and full of bugs. Why do people live like that?

  4. Glad your misery's over (doubly so when you move). My cousins live in a little terrace of six or eight houses, and used to be surrounded by great people, but now there is rubbish and overgrown gardens everywhere. Such a shame - they are in their 70s and won't want to be moving now.