Tuesday, September 25, 2012

4 and 0 isn't bad baby!!

Well, other than that, my daughter is broke out right now, I don't know what it's from. 

And this Friday is our 16th anniversary. My 9 yo told me I was old, I told her she was a baby;)

We are planning on staying in town, we had talked about going up to the cottage, but decided to just farm the kids out and hang out here. Dinner, a movie and the Apple Fest:) I can't wait!

I've been reminded recently of just how good I have it. I have a wonderful husband who takes care of us. A nice house, altho some people would look at my house and not say that. I am extremely thankful for it. I have more than one friend who are an inch away from being homeless, other friends who have no vehicle,  are drowning in medical debt, and have no money to pay for the medicine they need. Therefore, they just keep getting sicker, and sicker and racking up more debt. I wish I could do more to help. 

This afternoon, someone showed up on my doorstep, someone I used to know, ran into them in a parking lot a couple of weeks ago, we chatted for a few. And handed me a card. When she left, I opened it, there was $100 inside. I barely know this woman anymore. I seriously see her like once a year. She said they felt it was the Lords will. Scott was asked to preach at church last week, and they took up an offering for us. I just feel so grateful. And humbled.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well, well fall is upon us. If you had asked me 2 weeks ago how I felt about it you may have heard me weeping ;) But now the 3rd week of school is here and..... I'm actually enjoying it. After MUCH prayer and a change in attitude on my part, and many changes in the way I manage it, we are doing quite well. Pics to follow:)

As anyone who knows me knows that my favorite part of fall is.... COLLEGE FOOTBALL!! Go Irish!! And 3 weeks into football season and we're are 3 and 0!! Oh coach Kelly how I love thee... Probably what I would call the funnest game is this Saturday night. Our Infamous rivalry with the U of M. We have a get together with some friends that I think we've done for a few years in a row now. I'm looking forward to it, even tho I may be the only Domer there. I can handle it, we ND fans have tough skin:) 

I'd say my biggest struggle this entire year is the discovery of my daughters milk allergy. It's consuming. Just when I think I get a handle on things she is broke out again, or someone (my mother!) is tempting her with things like the evils of nutella (let me just say the only thing "healthy" about nutella is the wheat bread you put it on. Sis is getting to the point where she won't even try things b/c she is scared it has milk in it. Even things like a cup cake. And then here I am last night making a meal that we all like and that is good even with out the cheese when it hit's me, the seasoning for the tacos has milk in it. ugh. It's things like that that really get to me and make me feel like I've failed. I try SO hard, but it sneaks in. Like, I spent 4 hours getting groceries the other night reading what I thought was EVERY label, but I didn't think about the taco seasoning, or the fish sticks. (the fish sticks that she loves and cried about of course) *sigh* So, I didn't even tell her about the taco seasoning. But with in a few days, she will have a rash somewhere in her body and I will play innocent b/c I can't handle the guilt. This will be me, "hm, wonder what you ate sis..." 

I did find this that I'm going to make from now on tho..
AFTER I read the backs of all of those spices to make sure there isn't anything sneaking into them...