Friday, October 30, 2009

my weightloss journey...

I didn't talk about it for awhile Probably the 1st month. I emailed my friend. And walked w/ my partner, and of course, there was the dh. But I didn't really mention it to any one else. I have failed at this so many times b4. Why talk about it to any one this time?? What if this time isn't different?? I had to go back to the doc for a check up or some thing in 2 weeks, and of course, they want to weigh you, and I had lost 4 lbs. I was impressed. Then I had to go back again in 2 weeks, and I had lost 8 lbs. I was really impressed. 12 lbs!? When was the last time I had done that?? Probly when I was pregnant and puking, lol!

I figured I was on the right track w/ what I was doing. It was at that point that I had no more doc appts, and just asked if I could come back and get weighed. They were more than happy to oblige me.

A little more on the water. Yes, I do go more often than most people. But, it's a good thing, b/c your body has a lot of toxins in it. Drinking water flushes them out. I like to think about that when I go, I'm getting bad stuff o/o my body. Also, dehydration causes headaches, getting more water can get rid of some of those. I know that sometimes in my own kids when they complain of headaches, the 1st thing I do is ask them how much they've drank that day. I do get tired of water. It's then that I drink more of my own little concoction. I'ts just green tea w/ lemon. I sweeten it w/ stevia. But it's calorie free, caffeine free, so it won't dehydrate me, and it's still doing the same thing water was. Also, you can just pop in those little crystal light things into your bottles of water if you like. I try to stay away from aspartame and that though. (altho not always, i am still slightly addicted to diet dr. pepper, but that's a whole other post....)

And ya, sometimes 1500 calories a day just sucks. But I look at what I want my end result to be. And I can't get that any other way. Yes, I screw up sometimes. And in the beginning I beat myself up bad about it. I was so sure that b/c of the one time I ate a little too much, or went o/ to dinner the next time I got weighed I wasn't going to have lost anything. Which of course wasn't the case. If you screw up, you move on to the next day. Or the afternoon, or the evening.

At least that's what I do, on my journey....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

more of my journey..

As I said, that day I went home and was feeling rather introspective. I started thinking about how I wanted to do this. What I had heard other people say they had done to loose weight. What I thought would be doable for me.

I had one friend who had said he had lost about 40 lbs just by drinking a LOT of water. I figured, how hard could drinking water be? I knew it was good for you, I'd start there. I drink about 64 oz of water a day. And when I don't, I don't feel right. My skin looks great also:) I get less headaches, all around, water is my friend. Yes, I peed ALOT at 1st, but people kept saying, hang in there, it'll get better after a week or so, and it did.

Walking. I knew I needed to start walking. It just so happened that I lived 2 blocks from a great park. So, the kids could play, I could walk around the park, like laps. I'm not sure how I got my walking partner, but I'm SO thankful I had her for as long as I did. We walked EVERYDAY for probably 2 months. Then we moved and school started and I lost her, boo:( But by that time I was/am much more disciplined in myself to do it on my own. Altho, I still have days, that I get depressed and sad if I don't have someone to go w/ me, so I don't go. (I can't believe how honest I am w/ you guys!) I had a pedometer, and figured o/ how many times around the park was a mile and then we added to it once a month till we were up to 2 miles. Which, I gotta tell ya, sucked in the summer time!

Then I added the counting calories. I asked my friend how many I could have and loose weight. She said she ate 1500 calories a day. I thought that sounded strict, I was thinking more like 1800-2000. But w/ in 2 weeks, I was down to 1500, and I hardly even realized it. She hooked me up w/ and I started plugging my numbers in there. I could also look up foods I didn't know on there. I set my 1st There's tons of cool stuff on there. I'm not so dependant on it now. But it was very helpful in the beginning. I do find myself going back when I feel like I've been lazy and am eating too much or something tho.

I know there are different ways, but like I said, this is
my journey..and what has worked for me...and that goal that I mentioned?? was 60 lbs by Christmas. I passed that goal a week ago=0)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

my journey..

I haven't written about this on here at all, tho most of you are FBer's and know anyway. But I've been on a journey for a while now. I think I'd like to start at the beginning.

I went to the dr. on April 29th for some stuff. A whole bunch of stuff, lol. I had a BIG list! Nothing serious, just things that I had been wanting to talk to her about. But you know, the dreaded scale was coming. And when I saw the number, it was shocking, even to me. We don't have a scale here, thankfully. And something just clicked in me. I just told myself, I have to do something about this. I have to change now.

I talked to the dr. about it a little bit, but I didn't really want to talk to her, or anyone else at that time. I was feeling introspective.

That's when it all started for me. April 29th. Something inside me changed. I had a dr. ask me what inspired me to do it now? He thought my kids, or my husband. I said, no. It was just something in me. It has to happen inside a persons own heart, inside their own self. Otherwise, at least for me, it's not going to work, or it's going to be temporary.

That's the beginning. I have much to tell. I'll write a little at a time. The other day I called another friend who has recently lost over 100 lbs, I needed encouragement. She said it's a journey. I really like that. Journeys take time, they have hills and valleys and adventures:) This is definitely my journey.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

our weekend...

This weekend we had family come in from o/o town and we celebrated lot's of occasions! Dh's 2 brothers and niece came in, 1 from Ohio and 1 from New York. We celebrated his parents 40th wedding anniversary, his nieces and dh's bdays, and his dads retirement. We took them o/o to eat at The Blue Gate Restaurant in Shipshewana, Indiana. It was too yummy, walked around to a few shops, took lot's of pics and had a great time.

The funny thing was that, We went all the way to Shipshewana, to buy Webkins! My kids are SO into them. They only have a couple, but they LOVE them. (in case you haven't been subjected to them yet, they're little stuffed animals that you get a code to register and play w/ online. so you also get an only animal, it's great fun) I will admit, that I like them too. I sometimes late at night, get onto Sis' account and play games to earn her Kins cash (shshshs don't tell!) They're cute, they're fun, and it's a safe place online that my kids can play. I don't let them accept friend request from people that they don't know, and I check their accounts. Their cousins have them, so they can play w/ them, and their friends have them. Anyhoo, we were leaving this shop, and I see a big Webkins sign, I go over and look, and there is a half price box on the floor! How could I not!? Sis' was only $4.75! They are thrilled. The only thing is.... I have to share my computer....:( ha!

Here's a few pics..
Amish country...

a little family fun in the restaurant....

anyone guess who i took this pic for??

and last but not least, nanny, papa, the grandkids, and their webkins:)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

the doula chronicles....

i now have 2 clients:) 1 that is due the 1st week of nov, and one that is newly pregnant:) yippy!! funny thinking about total end of the spectrum's here you know?? one coming o/o her pregnancy and about to give birth, and one just barely done conceiving...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The other day Sis apparently wasn't getting "fed" quick enough, decides to take matters into her own hands. She opens the half empty/full pantry and in full drama says, "If you love someone, how can you let them starve!?"

Because, you know, she's wasting away right?? These kids, I tell ya, she could eat night and day. Zac, who is 10, and just started taking ADD meds, has lost 6 lbs in 2 months. As a result of decreased appetite from the meds. And Zai, he would eat about every 10 minutes if I'd let him too. In spite of all I do to teach them healthy eating habits....they at least prove to me they know what foods are healthy. I think Zac has leveled out now. And I am learning how to entice him w/ things he really likes. And, I know, it only get's worse from here right?? As they get older and bigger and eat more.....eyeyeye!

Monday, October 19, 2009

it's 8:35. 2 of my kids brought me breakfast in bed. it was glorious. apple cinnamon oatmeal. i ate in the dark, nice since i woke up at about 4 this morning w/ a pounding head. haven't really had a headache in a couple of weeks, this one surprised me. so i sat in the dark and ate my oatmeal:)

now the rest of the day is upon me, and my hyper 10 yo is up being hyper and causing!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

my bff called me this morning, wanted to know if i was vibrating. she's so funny;)
(vibrating, as in the phone is on vibrate while it's in my bra--ha!! latter i went, 'they will get that won't they??')

Friday, October 16, 2009


To lighten the mood a bit, a friend of mine posted this on FB this morning and I think it's fricken hilarious and priceless....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I HATE cancer.
Cancer, you are like
the devil, you
come to steal, kill
and destroy. And for
some, they are not
strong enough to hold
you off anymore.
Their tired
little bodies are almost
done in this world.
The cannot fight the
war much longer.

They will leave a void.
It will hurt so bad.
You will cause so much

I will always fight you,
cancer. I will always remember
the ones you take.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Think my bodies trying to tell me something??? I was dreaming of peanut butter last night/early this morning. In my dream, I was reading the nutritional qualities and all about it's protein and iron. Then I was telling someone how I was going to have peanut butter bread for breakfast!

Me thinks my
subconscious thinks I'm low on iron and thoughtful of myself! tihi!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All is well. Our house is great:) The kids just love it. Sis loves having her own room and is driving me crazy w/ the way she keeps rearranging it. Someone said to me, "that's b/c she can. she's never had her own space b4!" So, I try to let her be. But every time I get it looking really cute, she moves it around...ah well, as long as it's fairly clean, I try not to complain. Since we have the space, and a place for him to go now, we've started letting our oldest, who is 10 stay up a little latter than the rest of the kids. He is thrilled, Sis, is less than understanding.

Fall is here. I bought some mums for the 1st time and they're just gorgeous. I never really like mums b4, but for some reason this year, they looked so pretty:0)

I have a doula client due at the beginning of November so I'm officially on call. I kept not hearing my phone tho, so I started sticking it on vibrate in my bra(!) I know, I know, joke all you want....but now I know when it rings.

Tonight dh and I are off to a banquet for the PCC. Looking forward to it, get to see lot's of friends, and be alone together woohoo!!