Wednesday, October 28, 2009

more of my journey..

As I said, that day I went home and was feeling rather introspective. I started thinking about how I wanted to do this. What I had heard other people say they had done to loose weight. What I thought would be doable for me.

I had one friend who had said he had lost about 40 lbs just by drinking a LOT of water. I figured, how hard could drinking water be? I knew it was good for you, I'd start there. I drink about 64 oz of water a day. And when I don't, I don't feel right. My skin looks great also:) I get less headaches, all around, water is my friend. Yes, I peed ALOT at 1st, but people kept saying, hang in there, it'll get better after a week or so, and it did.

Walking. I knew I needed to start walking. It just so happened that I lived 2 blocks from a great park. So, the kids could play, I could walk around the park, like laps. I'm not sure how I got my walking partner, but I'm SO thankful I had her for as long as I did. We walked EVERYDAY for probably 2 months. Then we moved and school started and I lost her, boo:( But by that time I was/am much more disciplined in myself to do it on my own. Altho, I still have days, that I get depressed and sad if I don't have someone to go w/ me, so I don't go. (I can't believe how honest I am w/ you guys!) I had a pedometer, and figured o/ how many times around the park was a mile and then we added to it once a month till we were up to 2 miles. Which, I gotta tell ya, sucked in the summer time!

Then I added the counting calories. I asked my friend how many I could have and loose weight. She said she ate 1500 calories a day. I thought that sounded strict, I was thinking more like 1800-2000. But w/ in 2 weeks, I was down to 1500, and I hardly even realized it. She hooked me up w/ and I started plugging my numbers in there. I could also look up foods I didn't know on there. I set my 1st There's tons of cool stuff on there. I'm not so dependant on it now. But it was very helpful in the beginning. I do find myself going back when I feel like I've been lazy and am eating too much or something tho.

I know there are different ways, but like I said, this is
my journey..and what has worked for me...and that goal that I mentioned?? was 60 lbs by Christmas. I passed that goal a week ago=0)


  1. Good for you Kris! 60 lbs is a lot of weight loss!!!!! I tried that drinking 64 oz of water. After nearly a year of doing that, my bladder still hadn't adjusted. I was still going every 20 minutes. So I abandoned it. lol Keep up the good work! I wish I had someone to walk with cause I'd do it more too.

  2. Your such an inspiration Kris!

  3. Well done. It's a fight I'm familiar with. I've done it by hypnosis - got hypnotised in August, I'm now 25lbs down.

  4. Well done yourself Val! 25 lbs is awesome!
    jojo- I do still go more often, but it's a good thing. And I get it, walking alone is no fun. There are times that I like being alone, w/ my mp3, but more often than not, I'd like a partner.