Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All is well. Our house is great:) The kids just love it. Sis loves having her own room and is driving me crazy w/ the way she keeps rearranging it. Someone said to me, "that's b/c she can. she's never had her own space b4!" So, I try to let her be. But every time I get it looking really cute, she moves it around...ah well, as long as it's fairly clean, I try not to complain. Since we have the space, and a place for him to go now, we've started letting our oldest, who is 10 stay up a little latter than the rest of the kids. He is thrilled, Sis, is less than understanding.

Fall is here. I bought some mums for the 1st time and they're just gorgeous. I never really like mums b4, but for some reason this year, they looked so pretty:0)

I have a doula client due at the beginning of November so I'm officially on call. I kept not hearing my phone tho, so I started sticking it on vibrate in my bra(!) I know, I know, joke all you want....but now I know when it rings.

Tonight dh and I are off to a banquet for the PCC. Looking forward to it, get to see lot's of friends, and be alone together woohoo!!


  1. Geez I had my own room always but was prohibited from decorating it and rearranging it till I finally wore my mom down in 8th grade!!! lol Needless to say, she was more than horrified when I unveiled my "new and improved room".

  2. haha! i bet! well, she isn't big enough to move her bed or dresser yet, (thank God) but everything else is enough to drive me nuts. but like i said, i try to choose my battles and let her have her space.

  3. hahahahahaha @ phone in bra!