Sunday, October 25, 2009

our weekend...

This weekend we had family come in from o/o town and we celebrated lot's of occasions! Dh's 2 brothers and niece came in, 1 from Ohio and 1 from New York. We celebrated his parents 40th wedding anniversary, his nieces and dh's bdays, and his dads retirement. We took them o/o to eat at The Blue Gate Restaurant in Shipshewana, Indiana. It was too yummy, walked around to a few shops, took lot's of pics and had a great time.

The funny thing was that, We went all the way to Shipshewana, to buy Webkins! My kids are SO into them. They only have a couple, but they LOVE them. (in case you haven't been subjected to them yet, they're little stuffed animals that you get a code to register and play w/ online. so you also get an only animal, it's great fun) I will admit, that I like them too. I sometimes late at night, get onto Sis' account and play games to earn her Kins cash (shshshs don't tell!) They're cute, they're fun, and it's a safe place online that my kids can play. I don't let them accept friend request from people that they don't know, and I check their accounts. Their cousins have them, so they can play w/ them, and their friends have them. Anyhoo, we were leaving this shop, and I see a big Webkins sign, I go over and look, and there is a half price box on the floor! How could I not!? Sis' was only $4.75! They are thrilled. The only thing is.... I have to share my computer....:( ha!

Here's a few pics..
Amish country...

a little family fun in the restaurant....

anyone guess who i took this pic for??

and last but not least, nanny, papa, the grandkids, and their webkins:)


  1. Looks like a great time will be had by all.

    Strange how we complicated folks are so fascinated by the Amish. When I was in Canada, there was a Hutterite community nearly, but though they dress in a very traditional manner, like the Amish, they use machinery and drive vehicles. They used a very noisy, gas-belching machine to make fresh ice cream for us!

  2. Bead Shop = JOJO!!! lol My parents took me to Amish country in PA back in 1981. I really didn't understand the attraction at staring at farmers who don't use modern conveniences. Of course I was 16, my best friends were spending THEIR spring break in England so I was a bit bitter. hahahaha

    Congrats on Scott's parents' anniversary. My parents were married 56 years when my dad passed. Looks like you guys had a great time. I have a Webkins puppy, but I haven't registered him yet. I just don't have time to start another computer game! lol

  3. i actually think i would like one for my bday or something:) and if you put them to bed when you leave, you can be gone for a long time and nothing happens to them. trust me, my kids are only allowed like an hour a day of they're lucky on here;)