Thursday, October 15, 2009

I HATE cancer.
Cancer, you are like
the devil, you
come to steal, kill
and destroy. And for
some, they are not
strong enough to hold
you off anymore.
Their tired
little bodies are almost
done in this world.
The cannot fight the
war much longer.

They will leave a void.
It will hurt so bad.
You will cause so much

I will always fight you,
cancer. I will always remember
the ones you take.


  1. Uh oh.....I don't like the sound of this.... is everything OK?

  2. Looks like you know of a child who's lost the fight with cancer.

    My cousin's daughter-in-law has just had a mastectomy, so the cursed illness is top of my conscious too.

  3. thank you for your concern joj. i will make it. but someone i know probably won't. and it's breaking my heart.

  4. I'm soooooo sorry Kris. ((hugs))

  5. thanx. i think you can understand why i put comment moderation on. while most understand the sensitivity of this kind situation, some people are idiots and i didn't want to take that chance.