Friday, January 22, 2010

So, I work my bum off, or try to that is, for 2 weeks, loose 1 lb. Get ticked off and a little lazy, only exercise maybe 4 times at the most, eat more and 9 days later I've lost 2 lbs. What!? idontgetit.

Here's what I've come up w/. I think I had slowed my metabolism down b/c I was skipping that midmorning snack being too busy. I wasn't giving myself enough calories for the amount of exercising I had been doing. So, I need to add some calories, no idea how many, I'm going for about 100. And back to eating about every 2 hours.

anyhoo, that's all i got

how you guys feeling about haiti??

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well we have another loss. A small one at that. And I have to admit that I'm frustrated and discouraged. I know all the facts, I could plateau, altho from what I know about that, I don't' see how that could happen, I add to my cardio, I've added weights to my regimen and I don't do the same thing every day. But I've had at least 100 people tell me that since April, so I know it could, (said dripping w/ sarcasm).

I also know that since I've added weights, muscle weighs more than lbs. what I don't' get is that I'm still doing like 25-30 minutes of cardio a day, how am I not still loosing?? I guess I'm just impatient. I only started the weights about a week ago. Which doesn't make me feel any better b/c that still says to me that I only lost 1 lb in 2 weeks. 2 lbs in one month. I'm ticked. I worked really hard the last 2 weeks. I guess there are a few possibilities, that I have gained muscle, that b/c I am working o/ more, I need more calories, which is scary, that I just need to be patient and let my body catch up w/ me. I feel like that girl on biggest looser last night who said she was the last one in the gym at night and the 1st one in the morning and she only lost 4 lbs.

So be patient w/ me please and let me vent. And don't worry, I have come too far and have too far to go to give up.

Friday, January 8, 2010

How's you 2010 treating you so far?? Ours isn't so bad. We have LOT'S of snow!! I mean, lot's. We didn't have half this much last year.

I don't know if you're paying attention to my girl on the side and the fact that she didn't move last week. She would have, a tiny bit, like 1lb... but when I went in to change it, apparently I had put in 1 too many lbs last time.. so, ya, I only had a 1lb loss over Christmas, surprise surprise!! But as I tell myself, a loss, is a loss, and it is not a gain!

Have some pics to show you of my weight gym:)

The last one is my elliptical, obviously. It's old and the electrical unit doesn't work, but that just makes it all the better for me b/c it's harder to use. (please ignore the totes and otherwise mess in the background, it is a basement after all!) But isn't it awesome!? And the best part? It was all FREE!!! The friend was downsizing and just wanted to get it o/o her house. I was surprised at how much of a weakling I am w/ those weights tho... I expected more o/o myself. And there are no numbers on them, so I'm not even sure how much I'm lifting.... The kids like it, but I only allow them on it when I'm down there. This has created an issue for me b/c I really like to be left alone when I'm on the elliptical. It is a real work o/ for me. I don't talk, I breath hard, I sweat, it's hard. But they want to be down there and I need to make sure they're using it properly and safely, so it's been rather irritating. I'm needing to figure something else out..

Friday, January 1, 2010

So fun!!

Ran across this article and had to post it....

The dance move known round the world by every pre-pubescent girl in 1989

Full disclosure: we weren't always the immensely sophisticated and self-possessed adults who blog before you today. Once, some decades ago, we too had mouths full of metal; wore white Keds and hot pink socks; adorned our stone-washed denim jackets with badges that shouted "I ♥ NKOTB" and "The Future Mrs Jordan Knight". We got older; we got marginally less awkward. We traded up for Londonist badges, and our denim is always indigo blue.

So it was that when news of the New Kids on the Block's reunion tour reached us, some of us scoffed; one of us called it the 'sixth sign of the apocalypse'; and three of us (one of whom, a great big hypocrite and apocalypse prognosticator), through considerable peer pressure and perhaps one too many pints, covered our eyes and clicked "Buy Tickets Now". Strictly so we could bring you this Step By Step guide to getting through the night. But first you should ask yourself: are you tough enough?

Step 1: we can have lots of fun. Can we? We remain noncommittal until about 3 hours before the gig. Then we head over to YouTube for a quick review of the Kids' greatest hits. And start uncontrollably giggling like the 10-year-old girls we once were.

Step 2: there's so much we can do. And by "do" we mean "drink". Lager, bitter, whiskey, tequila, wine - you think we're going to willingly wander down pre-pubescent memory lane whilst sober?

Step 3: it's just you and me. Worryingly, a pre-concert ticket comparison among Londonistas reveals us to be the keepers of ticket numbers 33, 34 and 96 - and we think, oh dear god, we might very well indeed get personally serenaded by Joey McIntyre. The queue at the Hammersmith Apollo relieves us of our misapprehension. It's just you, me and 5,000 other women (and a smattering of blokes).

Step 4: I can give you more. More hits! More cheese! More brilliantly choreographed dance numbers! Our cheese factor? High. Jordan crooning "I'll Be Loving You Forever" as the wind machine nearly blows away his shirt almost crosses the line. Almost. But although we can't quite conjure up the same free-flowing emotion as the woman openly weeping during the Block's cover of the Jackson Five's "I'll Be There" - and nor do we fling bras that read "Donnie's Girls" across the cups onto the stage - our flailing arms have acquired a mind of their own by the time the "Hangin' Tough" finale comes around. All together now: oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.

Step 5: don't you know that the time has arrived! For putting our reservations to rest. The question, we realise by the end of the evening, isn't why we ever loved the New Kids; it's why we ever stopped.

Words and pics by a closeted fan Julie Palmer-Hoffman, with thanks to Londonistas Alice and Lindsey

here is the link for the entire article if you'd like to see all their pics, they have the best captions under them...