Friday, January 8, 2010

How's you 2010 treating you so far?? Ours isn't so bad. We have LOT'S of snow!! I mean, lot's. We didn't have half this much last year.

I don't know if you're paying attention to my girl on the side and the fact that she didn't move last week. She would have, a tiny bit, like 1lb... but when I went in to change it, apparently I had put in 1 too many lbs last time.. so, ya, I only had a 1lb loss over Christmas, surprise surprise!! But as I tell myself, a loss, is a loss, and it is not a gain!

Have some pics to show you of my weight gym:)

The last one is my elliptical, obviously. It's old and the electrical unit doesn't work, but that just makes it all the better for me b/c it's harder to use. (please ignore the totes and otherwise mess in the background, it is a basement after all!) But isn't it awesome!? And the best part? It was all FREE!!! The friend was downsizing and just wanted to get it o/o her house. I was surprised at how much of a weakling I am w/ those weights tho... I expected more o/o myself. And there are no numbers on them, so I'm not even sure how much I'm lifting.... The kids like it, but I only allow them on it when I'm down there. This has created an issue for me b/c I really like to be left alone when I'm on the elliptical. It is a real work o/ for me. I don't talk, I breath hard, I sweat, it's hard. But they want to be down there and I need to make sure they're using it properly and safely, so it's been rather irritating. I'm needing to figure something else out..


  1. But it's all so boring! I joined a gym several years ago, and I was into it for a while. Then my hip needed replacing, and I never got into it again. Now I wonder how I found the time 3 times a week.

    I'd still love to use their pool, though, which is much nicer than the minicipal one.

  2. ya i get that val. i get really bored on the elliptical, even w/ my tunes. but i gotta do it you know?? it has been nice to take a few minutes off my cardio time and add the weights into the mic to switch things up a bit.

  3. I agree, it's a hundered times easier if you have a buddy. Personally I enjoy listening to sermons on podcast while I do eliptical work... feeding your spirit while training your flesh :)... just make sure it is a passionate pastor, or else you slow down if it is a boring message ;)

  4. Good for you Kris! That's some sweet equipment you got. I wish I could use the elliptical but it hurts my hips so much. I'm working on eating healthier right now, as much as possible. We'll see if I can get my butt off the couch for walks.

  5. Good for you Joj! Eating healthy is a big deal. Walking is hard when it's bad weather. It's funny that you started eating healthier, b/c I bought a bag of candy for the 1st time since April last night! Kris