Thursday, November 5, 2009

little of this, little of that..

Something that took me by surprise in all this was how many people have said that I have inspired them to do something. B4 I made a decision to get healthy I was never inspired by people when I saw them loosing weight. I would tell them great job or whatever. But I never felt inspired. I felt guilty and crappy. I knew I should be doing something about myself and I wasn't. I've met a couple people like that, I can see it their eyes. I know b/c I've been there. But like I said, it's something that has to happen in a persons own heart.

And for today, a little snippet of something else I love....Monday night I was called in to labor w/ a most awesome mama :0) who birthed a most adorable 7lb 15oz little man Tuesday morning...more of her story coming soon:)


  1. You are my hero and you are an inspiration! (*she says whilst stuffing her face with leftover Halloween candy* lolol). Seriously though, that's the problem w/ me. I get all gung ho and then see little to zero results, the frustration sets in and I make myself feel better w/ sweets. I have no willpower.

    Plus if you had grown up in my home, where 'weight' was CONSTANTLY an issue; where as a child you were encouraged to eat cottage cheese; and criticized for using butter on potatoes or vegetables; weighed daily; put on 1200 calorie a day diets at the age of 13...told, "you could be so pretty if you lost weight," you would have a very bad attitude about weight loss too. I look at pics of when I was a kid and I wasn't fat. I wasn't a petite tiny little stick girl like many of my classmates; I was taller than most, and big boned, but not fat. I could kill my monster for destroying my self esteem.

  2. Hey girl, I had PLENTY of halloween candy, trust me! We have a running rule in our house, the kids know, if they get chocolate, they HAVE to share it w/ mom:) Plus we (me and dh) helped at the harverst party this year, so they gave us our own bags of treats, which i ate most of that night....stupid halloween candy...

    i hate that your mom did that to you. that sucks. it's so unhealthy in SO many ways. but, parents think they're doing the right thing at the time. and honestly you're still probably no where near as overweight as i am. this wassn't a little bit of weight i needed getting rid of you know?