Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ok, something that sucks about loosing weight, not having clothes that fit! I have one shirt and one pair of pants that fit. That's it. Even my undies are loose. They don't count b/c ya can't see them. Thank God my bday and Christmas are coming up. Everyone who has asked me what I want, I tell them money, I need new clothes!

Yes, I know, this is a good problem to have. And at 1st, it was fun to have loose clothes. Something I've never had a problem w/, lol. But now, I just feel frumpy all the time. The one out fit that I do have is kind of dressy, so I don't wear it often. When I wore it recently one of my friends commented on how nice it looked. She said, "it looked like it fit. Everything I've seen you in recently has been so big on you."

It's so close to Christmas, and my bday. And both vehicles are in my name. Which is where all our extra money is going. I just don't have it in the budget to pick anything new up for myself you know? Plus, I'm still a plus sized girl, and plus sized clothes are more expensive. It's rough! I don't wanna complain, please understand. And, I know, I got myself into this mess. I will never blame my weight on anyone. I ate myself to where I am. But this is my blog, and I'm allowed to whine now and then right??

On the other hand, I can tell you something I am SUPER thankful for!! I was saving some money for a new pair of walking shoes. The pair I've been using I've had for 6 months now. And are just plane wore out! Anyhoo, I have this friend who is the master of knowledge of where the deals are. So I asked her where is the best place to get good shoes, GOOD shoes. She asked me what size I wore, we happen to wear the same size:) And she just bought a pair that are a little too loose. I tried them on and so for so good. Gonna wear them out of the house today. Hoping, if they work, I'll get to spend some of that on a pair of pants or somthin!!


  1. I know what you mean. I just rebought jeans after my cargo pants fell down almost to my knees as I was tossing bread to the ducks. Luckily there was no one around!

    Of course, in a few months, if the weight loss continues, it could be a repeat performance.

  2. Val-that's AWESOME!! but ya, in a few months we'll be here again. ya, it is kind of a good problem to have tho:) you know, we have like 3 consignment shops in town, but they're only for kids clothing. wish they had one for adults....

  3. Good for you both!!! That's awesome Kris!

    I know I've dropped a few pounds too this year, mostly b/c of stress, and some of my clothes are very loose as well. But I loathe clothes shopping so much, and all my pants always have to be hemmed, so I haven't gone yet.

    BTW, one thing that burns me is that plus size clothes are more expensive. I see it in catalogs too. It's just another way of discriminating against overweight people. IT's like saying, "you are so fat we have to use extra material so YOU are going to have to pay extra $ for it." And when you look at the clothes, what is now a 3X size is what a normal XL used to be about 10-15 years ago. I ordered an XL shirt from Coldwater Creek a couple of years ago and it was so teeny tiny. And have you guys noticed how flimsy clothing is these days? They look and feel like they'd fall apart in the first washing.

  4. joj- are you short!? i never know that....hm, cyber friends learn something new all the time...
    and oh ya, boy do i ever know it about the size thing. and the quality. even in the kids clothes, the quality is not the same.