Friday, November 13, 2009

I bought a new pair of jeans to day. For the 1st time in like, 2 years. It was so exciting. From what I can tell, they're 3 sizes smaller than my old jeans. Could be 4, but we'll go w/ 3. You know how weird sizing can be. And, they're a brand that caters to big girls, so they're made especially for my pair shaped self, who has most of my junk, in the trunk;0) ah, finally, a company that sees that most of america is plus sized... *sighs w/ contentment*

and in the doula chronicles, i ask for your help.
I need to write a tiny little statement about myself for a pamphlet that will set me apart from every other doula in the area. WHAT SHOULD I WRITE!? I was thinking about advertising the fact that I teach a Christian childbirth class. I dunno. But, it has to be short, tiny. Teensy weensy.


  1. Sorry, as a non-religious non-parent, I can't help you!

    Congrats on the jeans, I know the feeling well.

  2. Good job on the jeans! What a great feeling that is! :D

    Hmm. What to write. You could mention the class you teach...can you work in the fact that you are homeschooling your kids?

  3. i'm waiting for $$$ to buy me some new jeans.

    i hope you've worked out your statement, but i can say if i was reading your pamphlet and saw you taught Christian childbirth classes, that would be a plus for me. i think that's one good point to mention as some Christians look specifically for other Christians.