Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a doula day..

Next month I have a great opportunity. There is going to be this small fair in Niles. I am going to be kind of co-sponsoring a booth at it. I will be there w/ the nonprofit that I volunteer for, but I also get to advertise myself as a doula. I'm excited:)

I go back and forth. I don't do many births. There are times when I talk to other doulas and think, man, I wish I could get that many! But then, realistically, it wouldn't work for my family. I am not prepared to pay a baby sitter right now. And my kids are not prepared to spend the day w/ one. In a conversation w/ my daughter recently I asked her when she was going to stop sucking her thumb, she remarked that she had tried to stop, but then we had all those days at the baby sitters...we recently had some days at the sitters b/c dh's mom had to spend some time in the hospital.

I am a stay at home mom for a reason, b/c I feel I was called here. I also feel I was called to be a doula. And, if I go way back to the beginning, I can remember sitting in a church service and the Lord telling me that He would bring me the clients He wanted me to have. So, maybe I won't be a money making doula, which, let's face it, who is in it for the money?? And maybe I won't be a high number clientele doula, which, I couldn't handle anyway.. but, I'll keep doing what I'm doing. And I'll have the clients that I'm supposed to have, and the timing will be right for all of them.

But if I come across an opportunity to advertise, I'll do it! B/c who says God can't bring me someone that way?!

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