Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Danger! Danger Will Robinson!!!!

This is disturbing in so many ways... I can't even begin to deal w/ all of them. It's bad enough that most students and doctors never see natural births, but this could mean them never seeing LIVE births. Till the get to YOU?? Who knows. I know, I could be exaggerating....I could be...but this is the present right here...ugh, this makes me sick.


  1. lol, I saw this a few months back, I am amused that the doc in the begining says its just like real life (with the mom flat on her back...) I also find it entertaining that they are making a new "wireless" model. seriously? since when did women in the hospital ever give birth wireless... who cares if you have to plug the stupid thing in... on a side note, I think it is better than having them all "practicing" on real people, and I think it's kinda neat.

  2. i also hate that the one woman said, "and she doesn't talk, so we've had fun w/ that"

    i did see a newer version on you tube that does talk. "how often can you give birth noelle?" "every 10 minutes." dear God.

    I can see it as a good teaching tool, but i just don't have a good feeling about this.