Friday, July 10, 2009

the end...

Ok ladies, thank you for indulging my obsession:) This is the last, for a while at least, maybe till next year..

Last year, I read every thing I could get my eyes on about the concert. I knew every song they were going to sing. This year, I stayed away from the spoilers as much as possible. I happened upon a couple of things here and there, but was content to be suprised. I had read that at some point in the show they came o/ on individual stages, but had completely forgot. Then the lights went down, we saw them jump down into the audience and I saw this opening. I didn't know where they were, but I saw my chance. I went down there and stuck my arm thru a window between a little girl and a woman w/ a very large chest and just started shooting!! Like I said, at this point, I didn't know what was happening. I thought if they are going to run by here, I'm gonna get a pic.

Music and lights come back and I see Danny, WHO HAPPENS TO BE MY FAVORITE(!) in front of me!! I try to get some good pics, but he has his back turned a lot, I took this video and then I realize Donnie is coming over, RONNIE'S FAVE(!) so I took some of him, but you see the inner struggle that ensues here:D anyway, I was thrilled w/ this! It's not the best video, I was enjoying watching, not videoing, but for those of you who don't know, Danny is on the right, and Donnie is the one who climbs the pole..) The funny thing is that I thought Ronnie was right behind me, but when I went back to my seat, she had never left. I really just saw the chance and took off, wedged myself between the small one and the large chested one and went for it!


  1. lol what is it with you and large chested women? ha ha Glad you had Danny so close.

    Too bad he was not close enough to touch.

  2. they were really close! you had good tickets!

  3. You realise I have NO idea who these people are?

  4. I stand with Val in having no idea who these people are BUT just as long as you enjoyed your time with them, that's all that matters!