Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I don't get it.

So this kid Jamie Waylett of the Harry Potter movies was arrested after the car he was riding in was searched and found to have 8 bags of cannibis in it and then taken to court for growing marijauna plants in his apartment, THAT HE LIVES IN WITH HIS MOTHER!!

His lawyer "pleaded w/ the judge not to send him to jail for the sake of his career!!!" Here's the clincher for me..... in 2006, he was accused of snorting cocaine!!

And guess what!? The judge is just spineless enough to let him off w/ community service.

Here is the rest of the story:

District Judge Timothy Workman sentenced him to 120 hours of community service during a 15-minute hearing at City of Westminster Magistrates Court.

Judge Workman said: “Mr Waylett I accept that the cultivation of this cannabis was on a small scale, and this was not in any way a commercial venture on your part. Nevertheless you used a sophisticated growing system to do so.

“I give you credit for pleading guilty at the earliest opportunity, your co-operation with police and the fact that you are, until now, a man of good character.

“I propose to deal with this by imposing a sentence of 120 hours of unpaid work.”

What!? A man of good character!? Are we talking about the same kid here!? The one who was snorting cocaine a coupla years ago and who had 8 bags of pot in his car!? And who was GROWING IT in his APARTMENT!? I think maybe the judge was smoking some of it before he read this ruling!

That's funny right? But the part that's not funny is that this kid is on a slippery slope to Brittany-ville, or some other freaky sad celebrity whose parents don't care enough about them to get them help and the judges they go before don't give them real sentences because they're celebrities.

If this kid wasn't an actor his butt would be in jail right now. If he worked at a pizza joint, the judge wouldn't have been polite and said "you are until now a man of good character." Gimme a friggen break! A man of good character isn't someone who is accused of snorting cocaine 3 years ago.

This judge had an opportunity to change this boys life for the better and he didn't do it. He could have given him some kind of rehab or some other positive something or other place that he could have gone to, to get this guy the help he needs that he is not going to get in community service. It's only a matter of time before we see him and his weepy mother in headlines again b/c her little boy isn't making her any money any more, b/c now he really screwed up.

So sad.

For more on this story, go HERE and HERE. With thanx to Rosy from Accidental Sexiness for the story:)


  1. I just don't "get" drugs. I've been drunk more than a few times, but it's no fun when you remember every single minute. Once I started driving that was pretty much it.

    On the other hand, I do seem to be addicted to fattening food. And Vincent.

  2. ehhh, I kinda wanna say "it's just pot"... I have some friends that as teenagers were caught with pot and/or alcohol (as minors) in the car and on seperate occasions the cops took the substance and said they were "going to throw it away" and sent the kids off. so I don't think it is just because of his celeb status.
    It was stupid and illegal, and he shouldn't be doing it... but I personaly don't think pot is any worse than alcohol.
    I want to include for the record that I think anything you take to alter your perception is dangerous.

  3. jenn- i can sort of see your point. but he was also suspected of snorting cocaine. AND he was growing it. i think this is more than a one time thing for this kid. AND he was growing it in his house, w/ his mothers knowledge, which is just sad.

  4. I agree, he's an idiot, and his mom is a loser for letting him do whatever he wants. Not to mention he is a role model, and a crush of many girls. I think it is an awful example to set.