Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Christmas and such!!

So, it's been too long. I think about posting all the time, and never take the time to do it.

1st, a Happy Birthday to my awesome friend Susan tomorrow!! Luv ya and hope to see you soon and celebrate together!!

This is gonna be a little bit of nothing post too. But, how do you like my little ticker?? isn't she cute?? That is totally me too, only not on skates, I'd be flat on my bum. not that coordinated. But I rock o/ to my mp3 player on the elliptical and am a pretty fast walker these days:) She'll change as my goals change, they are a little at a time you know?? I met the 1st one, and am on my way to the 2cd then will come another, and another till I get to my long term...

Hope your holidays are going well so far! I've been to 3 Christmas parties so far already. And have 3 to go I think. We're having Christmas w/ my mom and the inlaws here this year. Which is a 2cd, but I'm actually cooking. So we'll see..... I do feel good about taking the burden off of my mil after her health issues this past year. Let's just hope I do the food justice!

So, with that, Merry Christmas!!


  1. Congrats on your goals!!!! I keep saying I'm gonna do it too, but then I get home and I'm so tired, and it's either cold or Anywho, sounds like you guys have a very busy holiday season!

  2. Oh lord, 30lbs off and about 50 to go!

    Well done you. Inspire me to keep this up over Christmas.

  3. wow val! wish i could see you in real life! so your goal was 80??

    i was going thru an old tote in the basement and found all my england stuff:)

    it is hard to do over the holidays, i've made myself do some extra work outs b/c i want to keep eating my favorite sweets:) i have read a lot of articles that say not to deprive yourself b/c then you end up gaining. quite sure i haven't deprived myself!