Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I've been asked to update my blog. (snicker) I told her that requires effort.I suppose since it's Xmas break I could bust out a little effort.

So what up... Still pressing on w/ living healthy. Took 10 minutes off my last years 5k time. Am pretty proud of that. My goal for next years turkey day race is to run the whole thing w/o intervals.

Homeschooling is ok. I will confess to strong feelings of wanting to send one of my children to school. Never thought I'd want to do that. But I have never been so miserable in teaching either. We're both miserable in it. On the other hand, me and my 6th grader read Where the Red Fern Grows this year and couldn't get enough of it. He bawled his eyes out at the end. Poor kid! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of that w/ him.

Christmas break has been quite nice. Have had more appts than I'd like to have, but that's life. We've had some nice days of baking, and reading winter stories. Many nights of cuddling. We hooked our netflix up to the wii and have had lot's of fun w/ it. I'm completely hooked on American Pickers! I don't know what I'm gonna do when I catch up w/ their current eps. But I've got a while, I'm not thru w/ season 1 yet. We could sure use more snow tho. And am not getting any soon. We're actually warming up to 50 this week. Good for me tho, I can run outside.

What'd you get for xmas? One of our Uncles got us the balance board for the wii and a snow board game, fun stuff! It also came w/ wii fit plus, so I've gotten a double blessing w/ it:)

Scotts still plugging along in school. We all enjoyed his break. I'll admit that it's been pretty rough at times tho. I don't like feeling like a single parent. I know he doesn't have it any easier. Not saying it's his fault. He's got a lot oh his shoulders. Stress is a hard thing to deal with, it affects us all in so many ways. Makes us unhappy when we don't even realize it. Sometimes I find myself checking out mentally and emotionally b/c I just feel like I can't take it. I'm extremely thankfull for these breaks. And will be praying for God to show me how to deal w/ it a healthier way:)Took a few road trips this summer/fall. Went to Kentucky and Arkansas. Here's some pics:

Ok, only 2. I loaded 4, but for some reason it only gave me 2, and as I said, it takes effort. Effort that I'm not willing to put forth... The 1st one is from this amazing wall in Kentucky. If you know me at all, go to my FB page and look in my 2010 album for the rest of the wall, it's AMAZING. The other pic is of my beautiful albeit hilbilly-ish looking bff Trish about to enjoy one of the must haves, a Lamberts THROWED ROLL! If your anywhere near a Lamberts:) (please, click the link!) They are the best! It's a fun and unique place to go. We had one close to us when we lived in Springfield. And when I realized how close we were on our way to Arkansas I knew we had to stop on our 2cd trip. They loved it, of course;)

I doubt if I'll be on b4 the new year, so here's me wishing you and yours a Happy Safe 2011!!


  1. Good to see your updated post!!! Gee I wonder who nudged you into it? lol ;p

    Glad you guys had a great Christmas and stuff. How much longer will Scott be in school?

  2. Hey Joj! Scott has about 3 years total. He's working on his bachelors right now, then wants to get his masters. His masters could take 2 or 3 years, so Idl really, maybe 4 more years. ~kris