Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hi there!

Lot's going on here. School is done for the year!! I've been doing a lot of sleeping in:) We also took our 1st trip to the beach already! There's this great little beach about 15 minutes away. It's at a little campground, so it has facilities, even a little ice cream parlor. And they cator to homeschoolers(!) they have one day a week that it's only $1 to get in if u homeschool. How could we NOT go!? We plan on going about every week this summer. We went last summer lot's too.

Big changes here. If you know me at all you know I'm a committed Christian and church goer. (yes you can be one with out the other, but that's a whole other post...) I've been a part of our former church since I was in the 7th grade. We left for Bible college in 1997, went to a church in MO for almost 3 yrs, came back and pretty much settled right back in where we left off. Until last winter. Things started to change. My husband went thru a deep depression. He has been working and going to school full time. Not an easy time for any of us. But a time we needed to go thru. During this time we started praying and seeking God's will for our lives. A couple of months into it we decided to check out a few different churches. That was interesting.

We def found a great church, and the one the Lord lead us to. We all love it. Hubby get's so much out it every week. Something that wasn't happening anymore where we were. The kids have made new friends, so have I. I have felt like I was home from the 1st few minutes of walking thru the doors.

We've done 2 bday parties already this yr! Last yr I did none. I was in the simplify, simplify, simplify mode. I was not doing parties. We told the kids to pick a restaurant and we invited family and had a family dinner. They brought gifts and the kids loved it. Was it more expensive? I honestly don't know thinking about how much I've put into these parties. Here's the clincher, NO MAINTENANCE!!! The restaurants do all that:) And we got to hang out with family. It was great. I can honestly say I would love to do it again next yr. Sis had a craft party. Zai had a Star Wars party, and Zac wants to have a nerf gun party. I'm telling the boys to bring their guns and we're buying lot's of bullets. We have a black top parking lot across the street that it'll be perfect to shoot on. They won't loose the bullets:)

Another change is last yr when we were going thru so much, and were getting used to the new school schedule I backed off the birth seen. Was debating on renewing my website when it came up, but then prayed about it and received an email from someone who sounds like a very fun mama that I'm going to meet with next week as a potential client:) Happy times!!

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  1. JoJo said:

    Sounds like you guys have had a lot of positive changes going on! I'm sorry to hear of DH's depression over the winter....I know he's been burning the candle at both ends with work and school. I was wondering if you were still doing your doula work b/c I hadn't seen anything about it on Facebook for a long time! Glad you are getting back into it.