Tuesday, October 4, 2011

wascally wabbit!

We are thinking about getting a rabbit as a pet. In all our years of parenting, we've not had a lot of luck w/ pets. We had a cat, then found out that Zac was allergic to them, we sent him to live w/ his sister at my friends. We had a dog, but she was too much for us. Our kids were toddlers, literally, toddling, and she would knock them over all the time. I have trained dogs before and could NOT get this sweet dog to train. I also then found out I was expecting Sis. I took her back to the pound. I'm pretty sure she got adopted quickly b/c she already had all her shots, and I saw her on out local morning show. It broke my heart to take her back, but I had to keep my sanity. I knew I could not handle 2 toddlers, a hyper dog and a new baby. Then my little girl had a pet mouse, whom she named "Little Bert." He died about 3 months after she got him. BROKE HER HEART.

In order for us to have an animal that we don't have to pay a $250 deposit on, it has to be a caged animal. We would keep the rabbit outside. We have a pretty awesome hutch for it. We were thinking about getting 2, not wanting it to be alone, but then we have 3 kids. So, not sure yet. Anyone have any experience w/ rabbits??


  1. I do! I do! We got a dwarf bunnie in early 1999 and named her Clover. She was so, so CUTE and soft! When she was tiny, she fit in the palm of your hand. She'd snooze on my lap. LOVED to hop and race around, kicking off the walls and running behind the furniture. We took her to WA with us. We also had a guinea pig at that time. Unfortunately Brian lost interest (it was his job to clean the cages) and so she kind of got relegated to the back room, esp. after we got Pepper. I was pretty sad when Brian took her to the humane society.

  2. Clover is a CUTE name for a bunny!! I've heard they can live for a long time, how long did you guys have her? ours is 15 weeks, completely black, and named Duncan:)

  3. We had Clover from 1999 to about 1995 or so. Before we got Sagan b/c we knew he'd go after her for sure, and we got him in early 2006.