Wednesday, November 30, 2011

that is the question...

Day 1, I washed w/ the baking soda
Day 2, I did nothing.
Day 3 I washed w/ the backing soda and conditioned with the apple cider vinegar. I also dried my hair, and flat ironed it. I was concerned that b/c I am used to using shampoo and cond with smoothers in them that I would have an issue with it, but I didn't. It styled just fine. I ran into my cousin at the store and she commented on how pretty it looked.
Day 4, I had no intent of washing my hair today. Unless I work out and get sweaty, I typically wash it every other day. But last night I noticed flakes up by forehead. Then it occurred to me that when I had "washed" it, all I had really done was rinse with it. I didn't do the typical scrubbing that I am used to doing. So this morning, I did. Feels much better.

So, here's a pic of it after flat ironing. It smoothed out with out frizziness fine. I would like to add that this is an experiment. I don't know if I will do this forever. I wanted to try it, so I am:)

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  1. It looks great to me. I have to wash every day b/c I have such a rat's nest that won't comb and will poof out if I don't wash it.