Sunday, April 28, 2013

Good heavens it's been too long. It's funny, I stay so connected to people on FB that I don't do this much, but I often feel the desire to write more than FB allows, or that I think most of the people on there would want to hear.

Fun to look back and read old posts:)

A lot has happened. Currently we are waiting to finalize a new house:) It is everything I ever wanted and more. We are moving my mom into it. At first we will both be paying half, then in the next few years we will take over more of the payment. It's a great place. The owners have a large family and needed a bigger space. I'm so happy for them, they got a place with lot's of bathrooms and acreage.

The house has 4 bedrooms. In the next year we will make it into 5. There is a full, partially finished basement. The boys will go into the large bedroom down there for now. It's a huge space, about the size of our current living room. Also has 2 closets. Then there is a finished 2cd living room down there. It has a door that opens to steps leading up to the out side. We will take that out, make it an egress window, which is required in a basement bedroom here, and make it into the 2cd bedroom. The living room down there is HUGE. It won't be a big deal to cut some of it out.

the basement has the laundry room, and then a huge open area. We may do school down there. Idk, I have to talk myself into that.

Upstairs there are 3 more bedrooms and 1.5 baths. The master bath has 2 sinks, and a jacuzzi tub:D We will give my mom the master bedroom for now. That way she will have enough space to have a bedroom and a sitting area and she can have some privacy.  In a couple of years we plan to make the 2 car attached garage into an apt for her.

It also has a separate dinning room, which I have never had in a house. AND, she built these benches around 2 walls of the dinning room that open up into storage. That was a gift to me from God. I saw something similar done years ago and wanted it. When I walked in and saw them I just stood there w/ my mouth open. I couldn't believe it.

Another favorite thing, a huge mud room with more built in shelves, cubby holes and hooks for coats. It has a nice kitchen, she said people complained it was too small. If only should could see the size of my kitchen now. I have exactly 3 feet of counter space, that's it.

The whole thing is God's doing. We needed a bigger space, they needed someone to take over their house. I don't even know what it was that made me ask her about it. We weren't in the market to buy at this point. We are all entirely grateful.



  1. I had no idea how big it was from the photos I saw. Amazing place! Congratulations!

  2. thanks so much! ~Kris