Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ok, sorry. Been neglectful again. All is well. As well as can be. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. That was very difficult to go through. Still is.

If you'll notice, my girl has moved, a little. A normal, healthy 3 lbs. Getting closer to my goal:) Which, if I may remind you, b/c I have to constantly remind myself lately, will take me to my 100 lb loss:D I have to remind myself a lot lately b/c it seems to be happening so slowly now. But it's happening (keep telling myself that too!) so we're good. 100 lbs in a year isn't anything to complain about.

And, in the doula chronicles, I have 2 clients on deck:) 1 due in April and 1 in June. Very exciting. I met another doula at panera last night. That is so much fun. I'm getting better at it. I don't always like meeting new people, but lately, I'm feeling more confident, less nervous. She was great, we have a lot in common. She also homeschools.

Guess those are all my updates. If you're interested, watch for my girl to move, or not, on Friday:)


  1. Good for you Kris for sticking with your weight loss plan!! And congrats on the clients too!

    How is the family of the little boy doing?

  2. I know how you feel, my weight loss stalled just befoer Christmas.

    Congratulations on reaching your target.

  3. I always hated that plateau you hit. I never quite learned how to overcome it. If I saw no further weight loss after awhile, I would just try to maintain where I'd ended up.

  4. Thanx ladies:) Still working on it!!-kris