Monday, April 12, 2010

almost there...

Well, I'm almost there. 6lbs away from loosing 100 lbs. I can hardly believe it. It will have taken me a year. Which is completely healthy. The loss really slowed down in the winter and has picked back up since I've been able to get outside and walk. I've also added some distance, protein and calories.

My body has changed so much. Sometimes I'll see things that surprise me. Like I'll just all of sudden notice that my hands look different. My fingers look longer. My wedding bands wiggle all over the place. Which is funny b/c I'm still not down to the weight I was when we got married.

Another thing that has caught me off guard is that I'm loosing hair. I guess it's normal. I'm trying to add more protein to my diet as that might help. But I've been told that it sometimes happens w/ weightloss. If anyone else has had this happen, I'd like to hear from you. When does it stop!? I could very well be bald by next year!

My kids and some friends have said they're planning a "100 party" for me whenever I get there. I'll letcha know when it is so you can come too;) (seriously, susan, you could come!)

in the doula chronicles...

had the most amazing birth on easter sunday!! which also happened to be my daughters bday:) i didn't get to see her till 4pm. i know that being a doula, it was inevitable that i'd miss something. we had celebrated her bday on friday. but i still felt a little bit bad about it. and i never got that chance to do what i usually do for at least a few minutes and sit and reflect on her birth at all. i did think about it a little in a few minutes of down time during the birth b/c we were at the same hospital, same day and all. but it wasn't the same. have a nice healthy mom and baby who are breastfeeding well tho!!


  1. Congrats Kris!! 100 lbs is a HUGE achievement and I'm so proud of you! Don't worry about missing part of Lily's party. She probably won't even remember by the time she gets to be my age! hahahaha

  2. Big, big congratulations. That's a hell of a feat.

    I've been stalled since Christmas. Walking doesn't appear to make any difference.

  3. jojo-lol! you're probably right!!
    val-i could tell you some things that helped my plateau, but you've probably heard 100 diff things from a 100 diff people by now, if you've anything like me;)good luck!!-kris