Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ok, it's good to set goals right?? So, next week, if I have hit my weight goal, I'm going to start lifting weights 2 days a week again. When I started walking, for whatever reason, I quit the weights. I think b/c I just quit going down there to work out. But, weights should be part of the program, so I am going to get them in there again.

How much water do you drink? Or caffeine free liquid? I have been meeting my water intake. Even tho some days I feel like I'm fairly floating. I'm at 82 oz a day now. I was getting these dizzy spells, like every time I stood up, the whole room would spin, if I bent over, that type of thing. I mentioned them to a friend who is also a nurse and who knows what my lifestyle is like. She said, "oh, you're dehydrated." I said, "huh uh!" "How can a person who drinks 62 oz a day be dehydrated!?" She said it's not enough if I think about the amount of exercise I do, the fact I had that stomach bug, and I do still drink a couple of caffeinated beverages a day. She told me I need to add at least 2 more glasses. So, I begrudgingly took on her challenge. (grumble grumble...) The easiest way for me to get it down is to drink 2 32 oz bottles, then a 20 ouncer. Also 1 of the 32 oz is that tea mixture that I make. Anyhoo, the dizziness has gotten better.

Still not doing a great job getting in as much protein as I'm supposed to. I am doing better, but not great. Ah well, a little at a time right!?


  1. I don't like plain water so I mix in Crystal Lite. Drinking that counts towards your water intake. Unfortunately, my body has never been able to adjust to increased liquid intake, no matter how many months I stuck to the 64 oz a day. I found myself running to the bathroom every 15 minutes and that's too disruptive when I'm at work. It's bad enough that I go every half hour to hour w/o adding additional liquid! lol

  2. If I drank as much water as they say you should, I'd never even manage to leave the toilet!

    Do these wise folks actually have to work at a real job?

  3. val- i know right!? is it humanly possible to run to the bathroom as much as i need to and work a real job!?-kris

  4. Weight lifting actually helps lose weight. The more muscle mass you gain, the faster your body is able to metabolize food, etc. It's actually rumored that weight training is more important than cardio.