Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It appears I'm blogging on a once a month basis, haha:) Ah well, I started this blog for my own sanity, not yours;)

I'm going to Grand Rapids today with a bunch of women from the nonprofit that I volunteer at. We are going to visit this awesome crisis pregnancy center that was once used as an abortion clinic, have dinner and then see a movie. This movie. I don't normally watch things like this. I was adopted. I know very little of my birth parents. I didn't have the best upbringing. I blame no one. It was what it was. But I have never been able to watch those Oprah shows where people find their birth parents. I have no plans to search for mine. I've always felt that if it was the right time, the Lord would show me. I'm not sure why I'm even going today. I really want to see this center, and I really enjoy these social events:)

Maybe I'll even post pictures, now that I know I can easily pop the little card in and out, lol!

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  1. Hey that's really tough to confront your past like that and it's awesome of you to go see this movie. Let me know how it was!