Monday, April 9, 2012

So much, too much...

So, I have so much on my mind tonight. I'm sitting here filling out a form to see if my middle son will be diagnosed with ADD. If so, that would mean that all 3 of my children will have either have ADD or ADHD. I can honestly say that when I dreamt of having children, I never dreamt of this.

And then there is my oldest. Who had a seizure yesterday afternoon. It was terrifying. I've never seen anyone have a seizure before, much less my own child. We spent the afternoon in the ER. All the tests came back normal, they said that it's very common for strobe light toys to send people into seizures, but were surprised that he had never had one before, since there was so much family history. I have a lot of questions. Usually in things like this I dive into it and find answers. I haven't touched it. I'm too scared of what I'll find. We have an appt on Thursday with his primary care giver. I'm not sure what will happen then, the ER doc said they will probably order an EEG.

And then there's my mom. She had hip replacement surgery on March 19th. And it's been a whirlwind ever since. I had no idea it would be this hard. I love her so much and I'm so happy to help her, but it's really hard. My kids were really helpful in that first week when I had a birth in the middle of it. And one of her friends has taken her to a couple of appts, my aunt took her to one appt, but other than that it's been all on me. She has 2 or 3 appts a week. Add that to the appts that my own kids have and my calender is a nightmare. I wish she had more people to help run her places. I'm taking her food, cleaning her house, taking her to all these appts and then she wants to go to the store while we're out, which of course I would too. I'm just exhausted with all of it. And I know it will be over soon.

Sooo, good news?? I can always find good news:) My baby girl enjoyed her birthday:) Her and her bff made bunnies and Build a Bear. Terribly, terribly expensive. I mean ridiculous. Things at the PCC are going really well. I was privileged to be part of an adoption plan with a young girl earlier this year. It was an amazing, beautiful experience. I feel that the Lord is leading me down a new path of ministry that involves adoption. That said, it involves much prayer, heck, my whole life involves much prayer these days! I couldn't possibly get thru a day with out it.

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  1. Sorry to hear that your kids are struggling w/ ADD/ADHD. It must be challenging for you guys. But your oldest having a seizure....oh man I am so sorry to hear that. How frightening!!!! I have heard that about strobe lights and fast flickering on video games and cartoons.