Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How was your Mothers Day? Mine wasn't bad, nothing to complain about. After reading that article about the actresses and models encouraging mothers to run away from their families I purposely did things FOR my family ON Mothers Day to spite their wretched spirit :0)

Thought I'd post this link to a new Birth Community I found on FB. It's real woman, that look like me:) And most of the women I know. Actually, the average woman in the US too. It's Plus Size Birth


  1. I haven't been reading or watching news so I hadn't heard about actresses/models telling people to run away from their families. That's really messed up!

    Mothers Day here was challenging at best. :/

  2. It was supposed to make their families realize how much they do for them and then raise awareness for some kind of abortion. Wrong, it's all wrong. She even made some kind of comment about how she would rather be gone in the morning than have some brat waking her up climbing in her bed. I'm sorry your mothers day was rough Joj:(