Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today we got the results from Zacs EEG. It came back abnormal. If I understand their language, it meant that he has the potential to have more seizures and there was activity in his frontal lobe. Our next step is to see a neurologist. I have still not done any research on this. I'd really like to sit down and have a good cry. My middle child is still traumatized and almost every night is fearful that his older brother will have a seizure during his sleep. This is scary. I told Zac, but I have not told Zai or Sis. I don't need any more fear in the house.

On another note, Scott and I are going away for the night. We're going to this:

I'm excited and happy that Scott is going with me. I went with a group of women last year, and had a blast. But really wanted Scott to come this year. He looked and it was all about a day off of work too:)


  1. Oh man Kris I am so sorry to hear the EEG was abnormal. Hang in there.